Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodbye SippyCup, Hello Dora

I just bought a Teeny Tiny computer to replace my old laptop. The laptop is over seven years old, a venerable age for any computer but positively ancient for a laptop. Even though I am happy with it and would much rather just get it repaired than replace it, I also like the idea of getting new(er), faster (maybe) technology, so I went out and bought the Teeny Tiny computer.

I give my computers names. My last desktop was called BamBam, and its replacement is too. My old laptop is SippyCup, but I decided not to give the new computer the same name so its name is Dora. As in Dora the Explorer.

As it turned out, Dora was not entirely "all there" when I brought it home; it is supposed to be a netbook but it couldn't access the net. What kind of netbook is that?!? As it turned out the store had not installed all the drivers so I had to take it back on a day when the technician was in to get that done.

The netbook comes with a CD of drivers but no CD drive, so unless you also purchase an external CD drive, the CD of drivers is kind of useless. And if you're missing the driver that lets the netbook access the net, downloading software from the net becomes a bit of a Catch 22. Can't access the net without the driver, can't get the driver without the net access.

Anyway, with that taken care of then there's the whole day and more of loading favourite bits of software, all my data and whatever personal configuration I want. It really takes the edge off the initial pleasure at acquiring new technology! Dora is no longer a shiny bright new toy but rather the source of seemingly endless work and aggravation.

The Teeny Tiny keyboard is actually only slightly smaller than the laptop keyboard, but for some reason it has extra keys that I don't know the use of and get in my way. The Shift keys seem to have moved so I can't hit them intuitively but have to stop, look and carefully place my fingers on them. The mouse touchpad is OK but the two buttons for it have been replaced by a single button that I find hard to manipulate.

Then there's the Teeny Tiny screen! Well whatever, hopefully I'll get used to it.

But what I really like about Dora, is its Teeny Tiny weight. Sippycup weighs in at six and a half pounds, Dora at a little over two pounds, or one kilo. Sweet.

This post comes to you from the keyboard of BamBam, Dora is still a "work in progress".


Wisewebwoman said...

I did check the Doras out, Annie and found them a great big FAIL in spite of their light as a feather heft.
Not enough memory, keyboard too small and would not interface with my Vista OS on main system.
Ideal if just for internet browse though and I agree - add-ons such as CD sure drives up the price.
good luck now that you've taken the plunge!

Annie said...


I found a fix for letting my netbook interface with my Vista desktop, Microsoft has it but there are special instructions for getting it to work right (go to

So far I've been able to install software from the desktop using my wireless network. My favourite bits of software are old and don't run well in Vista, so I am just as happy to stick with XP. And these days, about the only way you can get XP is on a netbook! Plus (big big plus): matte screen, not shiny!

The newest netbooks run Windows 7, but I looked up reviews of that and decided to stick with XP for now.

Haven't used it enough to encounter memory problems, I hope that won't be a serious issue.

Glad you made it safely home!