Sunday, November 15, 2009

World Leaders Agree...

I like to read the New York Times online in the morning. I get an email telling me the major headlines for the day and I click on the ones that look interesting to see the article in full. So today, I clicked on "World Leaders Agree to Delay a Deal on Climate Change" thinking, Well, that's typical! So what else is new?

The article opens up and I see this photo directly beneath the heading:

I swear, the first thing I thought was, Oh it's a joke, those aren't World Leaders, that's an elementary school class!

I did! I really did! Look at them! Don't they look like schoolkids grinning and waving for the camera?

The subheading for this photo says "President Obama in Singapore on Saturday for the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting." Well, it's an American newspaper so whattaya expect? If it had been the Globe&Mail I'm sure it would have said "Prime Minister Harper finally shows up for photo op" (I think I can see him there, but I could be wrong). If you look closely you will see President Obama in the photo, he's one of the kids who resolutely refuse to wave for the camera (the kid I think is Harper is waving, good boy!)

The small print of the article of course explains how difficult it would be to hammer out an agreement in 22 days, but really, given the urgency of the matter, aren't they just acting like a bunch of little kids saying, Oh this is too hard, let's not do it! Let's just dress up and wave for the camera!

I do love this photo.


Wisewebwoman said...

They sure make Nero look like a grownup!
It would be funny only it is so life threatening and awful.
But I agree. The photo tells the tale, n'est pas?

Barbara Anne said...

Good grief! As if anyone has time to waste given all the time already wasted by the greedy nay-sayers.

Anne, you are so right about them looking like kids who've been excused from taking the test.


Annie said...

Hi WWW and Barbara!

These days leaders don't lead, they follow the money and the opinion polls, and the money says "business as usual" and the opinion polls say "don't be alarmist or we won't vote for you ever again."

Sadly, the fact that time is running out and billions of lives are at stake is irrelevant.

It makes me angry and I make jokes because I feel powerless.