Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas Day, so this must be D'Arcy

Merry Christmas to everybody. I am at my son Sam's place in D'Arcy for a week, enjoying a winter wonderland in the mountains.

We celebrated Christmas a little early, a couple of days ago at Josh and Kim's place in New Westminster. It was a bit of a comedy of errors, Josh planned to have the turkey in the oven by 2pm, but with traffic delays and whatnot, we did not manage the trick until 4pm. However all turned out well, it was a great turkey and a great dinner. We took a break between the turkey and the apple pie to walk Brewster (the resident shih tzu) around the neighbourhood and look at Christmas lights.
I'll be in Whistler for New Year's, and if my stamina holds out, I'll be visiting Seattle briefly before heading home to Toronto. Am thoroughly missing my little truck for getting around!


Alan G said...

That wintry scene certainly captures the moment. Beautiful landscape and hope you all had a Merry Christmas...

Barbara Anne said...

What glorious surroundings you, Brewster, and Sam have in D'Arcy! That is amazing scenery.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, a merry day after, and a happy week ahead.

Is your sweet and trusty truck awaiting your return to Toronto? I'm sure you're missed, too.

In case you're too busy to get back to us, let me go ahead and say Happy New Year!