Monday, December 28, 2009

Night walk

Last night I tried to take Hiro for a solo walk after dark, he just went crazy with joy to be out on the trail, running, leaping, jumping, even twirling in mid-air. It was great to see him so happy, but it did some damage to his wound so he doesn't get to go out off-leash any more. If you look closely you can just make Hiro out at the edge of the darkness. He's wearing a T-shirt to protect his wound.

While he was leaping for joy and tearing his wound apart, I was taking night photos...

The moon was only half full, but it was enough light to see quite clearly by, and there were sharp shadows on the bright snow.


Steven said...

I love the pictures of the snow. Great memories!

Have you seen the attachable LED lights to put on dog collars? I bet that would have made a great photo if you delayed the shutter speed to show all of the gyrations that Hiro was enjoying.

Annie said...

Hi Steven, I've seen a collar that lights up, not sure if it's the same thing you are talking about. Probably would make a great photo, although I would have been running to keep him in camera range, and that would no doubt have added yet more interesting gyrations to the photo... :-0

Barbara Anne said...

Breathtaking loveliness!

Isn't a joyful dog the epitome of exuberance?! Hope Hiro's wound is healing once again.


Aimee said...

what cool pictures! I found you through the comment you left on Little Blog in the Big Woods, and I just had to come check out who is the smart lady who agrees with me!! Your other blog - the harbour blog - is full of terrific photos. I assume you are the photographer?

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, yes it is! I feel like a heel for ruining Hiro's fun, but it's necessary for his own safety. He's doing fine, another week and he can probably be allowed to romp again.

Aimee, hi! I guess "great minds think alike" is true! ;-)

Actually, Beachcomber is responsible for most of the new photos and all of the videos on that website. She's a phenomenal photographer!

Wisewebwoman said...

I love the moon shots, Annie and nothing like a dog to bring joy and gyrations to us all!!
Happy New Year my good friend!

Annie said...

Happy new year WWW and everyone else! WWW, I look forward to seeing you again in the new year. Now I am in Whistler for New Year's with old friends.