Sunday, January 17, 2010


I heard today on CBC a recording of the speech Governor General Michaele John gave on the disaster in Haiti. She was crying, it was moving. I am proud that she is our Governor General.

My son says that the current estimate of fatalities in Haiti is now 200,000. That is horrific. What a terrible terrible tragedy. Isaac says some people are trying to compare this earthquake to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but this is a false analogy, America has the infrastructure to deal with such a disaster, Haiti does not.

I read a story about a man who was rescued from a collapsed home, he had crushed legs. The American rescuers left the scene promptly, knowing there were many others needing attention and there was nothing further they could do there. But they also knew that man's chances of survival were very slim, as there are no medical facilities, drugs or supplies to deal with his injuries and state of shock.


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Yes, this is a tragedy of immense proportions and there is sadly too little that can be done to help those who are trapped. It brings me to tears, too.

As a former ER nurse, I am familiar with the hard choices that must be made in dealing with medical decisions in such a tragedy. It's called "triage" and means help is given to those most likely to survive. It is hoped that those who have grave injuries and are unlikely to survive at least have someone to sit with them and keep them company and give comfort for as long as they are still alive.

Sad, but true.


Annie said...

Hi Barbara, yes these are very hard choices, rescuing people from being buried alive, only to see them succumb to their injuries for lack of medical aid. I would have an awfully hard time watching that.