Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in Toronto

I arrived home in Toronto this past evening (it's the wee hours of the morning now), everything fine.

I goofed about what I am allowed in carry-on baggage; Peter and Pat gave me some preserves which I should have packed in the checked baggage but instead tried to carry through security. Fortunately my son Josh who had driven me to the airport was still around as he had to update some documents there, so I called his cellphone and he came by security to pick up the suspect preserves. Merry Christmas Josh!

Isaac picked me up at the Toronto airport, he had Dobby in the van who was happy to greet me in the airport parkade. Except Isaac closed the van door on his tail. Oops. Dobby howled briefly and then wagged his whole body in greeting when he saw me.

I've mostly unpacked, but I'll finish tomorrow. I'm still on Vancouver time so it doesn't feel all that late, even though everyone else in the house packed it in hours ago.

When I come home after being away for awhile, and my place has been rented out to someone else, it's a bit strange coming back to things not being quite normal. Not only do I now have to unpack my bags but also all the closets and boxes that I packed my personal belongings away in.

I never met the tenant, all I know about him is what he left behind in the kitchen. Apparently an American who likes Tennessee bourbon and organic blueberry jam.


Wisewebwoman said...

Welcome back Annie, I'll be there myself in February for a couple of weeks and then in April for about 3weeks, we can poss get together then and get caught up?
I've been caught with expensive hand creams too, I keep forgetting the regs.
And now with body scans on our aging bodies?
We should all fly naked and eliminate this..ha ha

20th Century Woman said...

I wish I hadn't missed you in Vancouver, but I'm sure it will be good to be home.

Aren't dogs forgiving?

Barbara Anne said...

Welcome home! So glad the trip was so wonderful and the trip home no big hassle.

There is little in life so gratifying as been greeted by a dog who loves you!