Sunday, January 17, 2010

Household repairs

This past week I took my netbook in for repairs. I also bought (at a nearby Home Depot) a faucet set for my bathroom sink. The existing faucet drives me crazy, the spout is so low and so close to the sink edge that there is hardly room to put your hands under the spout for washing. So I bought a nice new one that promised lots of room, the spout being both higher and further from the base.

However Isaac told me that he was sure I could get one much cheaper at the local hardware store. On my way home from the war rug sale I stopped by the local hardware store and sure enough they had exactly the right faucet set for less than half of what I had paid at Home Depot. It's labelled a "Laundry Faucet" but it is exactly what I want. So much for the idea that a big box store will have better prices than the local hardware store!

Today Isaac installed the new laundry faucet on my bathroom sink and it works great and looks fine. I am very happy with it. He also installed a small fluorescent light over my kitchen sink. We'll see tonight if that makes a difference.

Now all I need is for my netbook to be fixed and returned to me in perfect working order. Store technician thought it might be in a couple of weeks but he didn't know, first time he'd had to send a netbook in for repair. He thinks it might be a faulty motherboard. He had to fill in a special form defining the problem so he asked me if there was anything else I was concerned about. I mentioned a couple of minor items, and who knows, maybe those will get fixed too.


Wisewebwoman said...

Very innovative Annie, on the taps. In Toronto, I had put a barsink into my bathroom and it worked fabulously, much to people's astonishment. We often don't need big sinks in our tiny bathrooms....
Good luck on the netbook, if I travel again I will invest, methinks. NZ appeals to me now as a solo trip....

Barbara Anne said...

Good shopping and good for you for making a great change in your home. You'll thank yourself forever more!

You'll thank Isaac for the under cabinet lighting, too. We installed two such fixtures in AMIL's kitchen and the light just makes that area 1000 times more useful. At first she seldom used the lights so as not to burn out the bulbs, but that's a thing of the past. Her 79 year old eyes need the light.

Hope the notebook is back to you quickly, completely fixed, and under warranty so at no cost to you! We can wish!


Annie said...

I do like the new faucet. Gretel pointed out to me that the swiveling spout will be great for rinsing the sink after brushing one's teeth!

The undercabinet light is very handy and bright, but I am not sure if I like stark whiteness of it! I suppose I'll get used to that.

NL to NZ, what an adventure! Well, if you wait long enough, the next greatest thing is supposed to be the iPad, something inbetween a Mac lapbook and an iTouch! My son figures they will be way better than netbooks (he's an Apple-freak).