Monday, January 18, 2010

Long hair

I wrote this after reading 20th Century Woman's post about her latest haircut (which looks very nice!), as my hair has been on my mind, so to speak, too.

Last time I got a haircut was just before I moved away from New Westminster BC, in 2007. I got my usual cut, just over my ears. I was thinking of getting it cut again when I went back to visit in the fall of 2008 and also this Christmas, but somehow I just didn't. In 2008 I still liked the way it looked so opted to wait, and in 2009 I couldn't decide, so when in doubt, do nothing. So now as you can see, it's long.

Well, for me, this is long. Last time I had it this long was, gee, back in my hippie days? I've got a couple of photos from when my two older boys were toddlers that show me in long hair, but by the time the third was born, I was cutting it shorter. That would be mid-70s. Still shoulder length, but only just barely.

In 1998 I cut it really short because I was planning a four month road trip and camping; I thought short hair would be easier to manage. And it certainly was, so for the next decade or so I kept it short. Why, I could go up to a week without even combing it!

By last summer it was long enough to require regular (=daily) combing. Boy, that was a shock. I had gotten so used to only occasionally combing it, that the tangles that were starting to form on the backside of my head just seemed odd, but increasingly annoying. I finally bit the bullet and started using a comb regularly, um, sometime in September I think.

And since September I've been debating whether it's worth it.

One thing I find a bit annoying about long hair, besides having to comb it, is getting it in my throat. Sometimes, I swallow a hair and it sits in my throat for days. I can feel it there but I can't swallow it. Eventually I guess it finds its way further down (I imagine there's a bit of a hairball forming somewhere in my guts now).

I've had a few compliments on the long hair, and I can't say that I dislike the look of it. I just wonder if it's worth it. I've gotten used to using a comb again, but oh boy, the shedding! I think now I could easily get a long-haired dog because I wouldn't be all that concerned about dog hair everywhere, it would just go with all of my hair everywhere.

But here's something odd about it. I don't know if you can see it in the photographs, but the top part is grey and the bottom part is actually a very fair brown, maybe even blond.

Since my school days my hair was dark brown. I do not remember a time when it was blond or even light brown, but I have seen baby pictures of me with blond hair. I grew up with dark brown hair, most of my adulthood I had dark brown hair. Sometime in my forties it started to lighten, to the point that when I moved to BC and got a new driver's licence in the '90s, it said I was a blond. I actually didn't notice that until years later, and was kind of shocked by that. In my mind's eye I'm a brunette!

If I lift the hair at the back of my head, I can still see the dark brown underneath. But on the surface, it's blond and grey.


Wisewebwoman said...

Funny you should write about this, Annie as I'm in much the same dilemma. I hate biting the bullet and doing what other women my age are doing which is short and not very attractive, the elder look, almost a man's cut.
I'm wearing mine mainly in a bun/chignon now and last time I looked I have about 4 colours. I'm letting the henna die out (I think) but may do what I did last year and go crazy when I enter the sylists.... it is so hard to make a decision on manageability+attractiveness.
I braid it at night so I don't get the bird's nest at the back and someone mentioned to me not to use conditioner as it is very bad for elder-hair.
Jeez I'm rambling today.
I think your hair very attractive, BTW

Annie said...

Well WWW, every once in a while I get this mad idea to dye my hair red or turquoise or polka dot. With it being so near-white now, one could really go nuts with the colours, couldn't one? I think I'd like to do eyebrows to match, 'though they're always saying you mustn't dye your eyebrows... killjoys.

Barbara Anne said...

I'm grey and silver with a bit of my former dark brown with red highlights still visible underneath. Wish my hair hadn't thinned so much due to lupus and genetics. Sigh!

I think your long hair is lovely and looks so healthy, Annie, and hope you enjoy it whatever length you choose to keep it.


June Calender said...

What to do with hair? A lifelong question. About eight months ago, on a day I was very tired I stopped for a trim [it was medium short and looking shaggy] and dozed in the chair while the woman with the shears cut and cut. I awoke to discover a boy cut that I had never ever had. Shock! Trauma! But then it didn't look THAT bad and I got some compliments. But it finally grew out and I'm in limbo, not long, not short and not wanting that "old lady" length but wanting low maintenance. What to do? Don't have time to grow it long [been there, done that] This is a recurring dilemma. I think it is for most women. Your long hair looks great, I've long admired single long braids. That might be an answer for you. As for color, I'm quite white and inclined to leave it so but I saw a woman of 65+ in a store recently with seafoam green short hair and it was stunning ... hmmm.

Rain Trueax said...

I wear mine long and like you have had it various lengths although never really short since high school. It definitely does drop hairs that show up more although probably the same number of them but just they show up more. Mine also has different colors and photographs a lot of different ways depending on the lighting. Often I trim it myself although it is best when I go somewhere for the trim except that takes time that I prefer not using that way. I do put the effort to get a permanent in a salon maybe once or twice a year to keep it more functional with less work. I try to see that time then as interesting to observe people there as otherwise it's pretty boring.

20th Century Woman said...

It looks lovely, Annie. The nice thing about hair that long is that you can wear it many different ways. This haircut that I now have is a one way cut.

Annie said...

Good point 20CW,long definitely gives you more options.

June, yes, our hair does seem to be a preoccupation for us, even when we think we don't really care about appearances. Our holy grail: low maintenance but looking good!

Rain, I've seen a few of your photos and your hair looks fabulous! But I've never found a hair salon I felt relaxed or comfortable in. I see salons in movies where all the women appear to be having a fun time, but I've never run into that in real life. No doubt they're out there, I just haven't found one and at this point not likely to, since I tend to avoid them now.