Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old buildings, trees and bike posts

This is a photo I took walking home from the war rug sale, trees and buildings on King Street West. I like the image of the trees against the old buildings. You can't see it in this photo, but the trees are festooned with little white lights, they look as if they have some weird disease with all these little spikey things sticking out of their trunks and branches.

Also, in this photo, see the bike posts on the sidewalk, for locking your bike to. Several years ago Toronto replaced all of its parking meters with automated parking ticket dispensers, so instead of pumping coins into a meter you could walk a short distance from your chosen parking spot and buy time on your credit card. This is a mixed blessing, no longer can you zip into a recently vacated spot and claim the unused time of the previous occupant.

However, the city wisely replaced all the parking meters with these bike parking posts. The city of Vancouver is starting to remove its parking meters in favour of the automated ticket dispensers and they are also starting to get complaints from cyclists about the disappearance of posts to lock bikes to, which is what the old parking meters did double duty for. Vancouver did not have the foresight to replace their parking meters with bike posts, so they are now scrambling to do so.


Barbara Anne said...

How interesting! I would prefer coins to credit cards, but I'm old fashioned.

Great urban photo. Don't you wonder how the trees get enough water?


Annie said...

I wonder that all the time. I presume that the City gardeners know how to get water to these trees, I haven't seen any keel over from dehydration. But when you look at the expanse of concrete and asphalt on downtown streets, and the near absence of open dirt, it sure is a mystery!