Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new blue card

I was at St. Joseph's Hospital yesterday for some tests. When I went to register in the waiting room, the woman asked for my blue card.

My blue card?

Yes, your hospital card, your blue card.

I don't have one. How do I get a blue card?

She looks at me and says, I'll just print off another one for you.

What do you mean, another one? Did I used to have one?

She looks at me sympathetically. Yes, you had one.

Then she asks me some questions about next of kin. She wants a name to contact in case something happens, er, in case I don't answer my phone.

I start wondering about these tests I'm supposed to do. Are they life-threatening?

I give her Isaac's name.

She asks, Is that I, double-s, a, c?

No, I say, it's I, s, double-a, c.

She smiles and says, That's what I said.

I wonder what she actually types on her computer.

A few moments later she has printed off my blue card and hands it to me. Isaac's name is not there, I will never know what she typed.

The card looks new to me, I am sure I never had a blue card before.

But now I do.

Fortunately, the tests are not lethal, no one has to call Issac. Or Isaac.


Barbara Anne said...

Aaaaaugh! Doesn't it make you nuts when some stranger tells you what you had or didn't have? How do they know?! I wonder if that woman was making silly assumptions to hide the fact she was new on the job and hadn't a clue if you ever had a blue card.

Am glad to hear the tests went well and Issac or Isaac wasn't needed.

I've missed you!


Wisewebwoman said...

Gawd, these officious bureaucrats with their subtle put downs. I love the double whammy of your son's name.
I got a blue card in the hospital the last time, and I've no idea where I put it, why would I keep it, pray tell? And if they can issue them on demand, so to speak, why bother?
I hope it's nothing serious Annie.

Annie said...

I remember when the OHIP card was the hospital card, I wonder why they need a blue card now?

Well, I was at that hospital once before so I suppose I was in their records and by rights should have had a card. But either they gave me one and I don't remember it (and apparently threw it away), or they never gave me one when they were supposed to.

Yeah, it was kind of Kafka-esque. I was standing there wondering if it was me or it was her that was missing something.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She's young. All those double letters had her confused.

Probably not serious, but they want more tests and then more time to analyze... maybe by April they might tell me something.

Or not.