Friday, March 5, 2010

My forest trail socks

In all the fuss over breathing, I forgot to mention that I finally finished my new pair of socks. The yarn is hand-dyed by Fleece Artist (Seastorm colourway), the design is my own.

It's a toe-up sock with a Magic Cast-on and a pattern called Spiral and Eyelet that I picked from a book of knitting patterns. Not a terribly imaginative name, but isn't the colour lovely?


Barbara Anne said...

Yes, the colors are lovely!! The colors remind me of the inlets and evergreens of Nova Scotia where I've been with you twice!

Well done! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!


Wisewebwoman said...

Annie, splendid gorgeous socks, I've been looking for a pattern for toe-ups to knit for a friend's birthday. I know you created this one (so I imagine all in your head like some of mine!)but can you recommend one?
Glad you used your time creatively in spite of the d***heads.

Annie said...

WWW, I'll send you some references. I've started keeping a notebook of what I do and it is definitely coming in handy. But sometimes my notes are hard to read and then I discover well after the fact that I left out some crucial bit of info (needle size? number of stitches to cast-on? and what the heck does M1R mean?)

June Calender said...

What beautiful socks. I don't knit, nor know any close friend who does, so I envy you to have such great socks. Wear them with joy and delight,