Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walking for tulips

The weather is just too nice to stay indoors, no matter how sick or tired.

Yesterday I walked all the way to Queen Street, caught the streetcar and rode to Romni Wool. I wanted to buy some circular knitting needles. I found what I was looking for, but of course it is impossible to visit a yarn store without looking around so I did end up buying a bit of yarn. Then I walked home.

That was a significant accomplishment, Romni is several kilometres from home. My first day home I couldn't even make it to the end of the block without stopping several times to catch my breath. Yesterday I started out walking extre-ee-emely slowly, but found that after a few minutes I could pick up the speed a bit, until by Queen Street I was actually managing a decent stroll.

Today Grace came by to go for a walk, I told her I could only go slowly but I don't think she quite got how slowly. She's used to power walking. But after a few minutes she managed to slow down and I to speed up, so we did not too badly.

We went down to a little grocery store on Queen that sells flowers and potted plants. She wanted to buy a rosemary plant, but the two rosemarys they had looked too scruffy. So we bought tulips instead.

Aren't they lovely?


Barbara Anne said...

Yipeeeee! So glad to hear that you're improving from whatever it was that ailed/ails you. It's interesting that for whatever reason you can once again breathe better. That's noteworthy and I hope you'll keep a bit of a diary that is an account of what you were able to do each day - starting with yesterday. Note the weather, the time of day, and how long it took you to get to your top speed. If you get tired or breathless or need a recovery time, note that. This will be good information for your doctor if the breathlessness happens again. I don't mean to be pushy, but once a nurse, you know!

LOVE the tulips! What a joyful color!!


Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely lovely yellow. I'm all springy already just looking at them.
This whole saga with the lungs is baffling, Annie, like you have to rev up the engine and then you're off in 4th gear. Weird.
Oh I just love that woolshop, one of the best pokies around.

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, well, 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Sunday was my last walk and now I im medical waiting room hell. Angiograms are invasive and not benign, as I am finding out the hard way. It is nice to have the yellow tulips though, and weather warm enough to leave all the windows open during the afternoon

Annie said...

WWW, the tulips are wonderful and they do evoke spring. I'm glad I got the yellow ones! And I don't think there is another yarn shop quite like Romni, you can get lost, in a good way, in there for hours! And that's without stepping down to the basement...

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Annie, Hope all the tests come out with good results and don't let them do invasive ones before the pulmonary function study. Asthma accounts for a good number of your symptoms.

Wishing you WELL! Hugs!

20th Century Woman said...

Annie, I don't know how I missed so much of your blog. I have been away and sick and busy with a friend who is sick, but I managed to miss the whole saga of your unsatisfactory hospital stay. You got some good writing material out of the experience, and I love the way you describe the community of the hospital, and especially enjoyed the account of your AWOL excursion for newspapers.

So glad you are feeling better. Keep it up. Beautiful tulips.