Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It was a sunny warm day, and the sun now sets an hour later, so it was like spring. I did see some crocuses, and some trees starting to bloom the other day. And tonight our street was full of kids, shooting hoops, skateboarding, and just plain hanging out.

I went for an after-dinner stroll around the block (can't go much faster than a stroll these days), and Phelan decided to follow me on his Skuut bike in his stocking feet. He's quite fast on that little thing, I didn't even notice he didn't have any shoes on.

It was OK until we hit a broken patch in the sidewalk, filled with dirt. Then Phelan realized the down-side of being out in your stocking feet. I had to lift him, Skuut bike and all, over the dirt patch. But after that he was off and Skuuting, we soon ended up back at the house, where his Mom had left his shoes and helmet out on the porch steps for him.

(This picture is from last year when Phelan first got his Skuut bike. He's bigger now, and the weather is warmer.)

Can't believe it's officially still winter.


Barbara Anne said...

Oh, the lovely warmth and beauty of the coming springtime is peeking at us! What a delight to be outside after the many days of coats when outdoors and sweaters when indoors.

Phelan is so cute, but he's growing too fast as little boys do. Did he miss his shoes?


Wisewebwoman said...

Us hardier Maritime types are out in our T-shirts today, Annie.
It is incredible this lovely gift of glorious weather and clear blue skies and the looooonger days...
Phelan's having a good time with Grandma, i see....