Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Barred owls

This is a Barred Owl I saw in the ravine behind Carolyn's house. Its distinguishing feature is the alien-like large black eyes.

When I was walking in the ravine, I passed this owl in a tree and it flew out and down the path in front of me. It landed in this tree and I took a photo of it. But I was uncertain whether it was facing me when I took the photo, so I tried to get a little closer to take another photo. He didn't like that, he sidled further out the branch and reached up with his beak to grab the end of the branch and pull himself up, then tipped forward and silently glided away down the trail.

I guess I was lucky to get this photo, it was the only one he allowed.

We have Barred Owls in the woods here in the Harbour. Some years ago the boy scouts put up some nesting boxes and the owls use them. One nesting pair has produced a baby this year, Ruth and Mike saw it on an evening ramble in the woods recently.

I hear them sometimes in the evening. The parents hoot and the baby mewls, a bit like a lost cat. It's nice to know there's a baby owl out there.

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Barbara Anne said...

How wonderful!

You are truly at home in Nova Scotia, aren't you?!