Saturday, June 5, 2010

Change of scene

I left Toronto just after rush hour on Monday and made it as far as Cornwall before stopping for the night. The next day it rained almost the entire day, so I didn't dawdle, there was nothing to stop for. I should really have stopped for the night in Fredericton, but I didn't and that last hour or so of driving was pretty bad. Heavy rain, low visibility and feeling very tired, it was a struggle. But it meant that on the third day, Wednesday, I had only a few hours left of driving to do.

Dropped by Sheila's place and gave her the beret I knitted, she loves it but refuses to wear it, she says she's going to frame it! I guess I should feel honoured, but I kind of wanted her to wear it. Sigh...

I have jumped feet first into house hunting, have already made an offer on one place which has been accepted so I am working on the subject clauses. It's all very stressful and nerve-wracking, I am not sure of myself at all. The Pros and Cons lists are not helping, I really wish I had a bed to hide under.

To top it off I got word shortly after arriving here that my grandson is in the hospital with suspected meningitis. It takes a spinal tap and 48 hours of culturing the results to confirm or deny the diagnosis, but apparently the doctors think he has the more benign viral form. Sometime tomorrow they will know for sure. In the meantime he is set up in his own room (he's in isolation) with a TV and a Wii and all sorts of toys, his symptoms have subsided so life is not too shabby right now.

Apparently I promised to drive to Halifax with a friend in a couple of days, she reminded me this morning. It completely slipped my mind that I might have said such a thing, so we agreed to check in later on the prospects of such a trip. I am so wound up I can't keep anything straight.


Wisewebwoman said...

OMG Annie:
You are moving at the speed of sound. This post too me by surprise. So you're in the maritimes right now, I can nearly yell hello across to ya!
So you are buying in NS - try and breathe and slow down, you have loads of time...

Barbara Anne said...

Huge Hugs, Annie!

I'm so sorry your grandson is sick and am sending get-well vibes to him as best I can from this far south. Hope they're right that this is benign... please keep us informed.

Holy cats! I'm blown over that you already have had an offer on a house accepted! This is what I get for being away for a while with in-law medical stuff to deal with. How wonderfully exciting (I hope)!!! Pictures, please.

Say HI to Sheila for me! I feel like I know her from last summer!

I'm glad you're there safely!


20th Century Woman said...

Annie, reading this almost made me faint. You sound so calm and collected. My fingers are crossed for your grandson, and it sounds as if he is doing well. Buying a house, driving around all over the place -- do find time for a nap or a quiet walk. Love and good wishes, Anne

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Dearie me! Where are you?

You have me so concerned about your grandson and it's been 6 days since you wrote. Hope he's well on the mend and feeling lots better.

Hope all has gone well with the house purchase, too. Won't it be lovely to spend the summer in your own nest?!

Will you please, please let us know how things are? Ta!