Monday, July 26, 2010

It's complicated...

A week since my last post, a lot has happened but only in the sense of 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. The seller and I are in some kind of weird little dance, my fourth offer on the house went in on Friday and I guess I'll hear the response soon.

I think the realty agents are colluding to get this sale over with, they both work in the same office and this house has been on the market---off and on---for ten years. My agent wants to get me a good deal on it, his agent just wants it done and gone. The seller, well, I'm not sure what the seller wants, it seems complicated. I suspect he doesn't know what he wants.

In any case, I think the agents know what they are doing and one way or another the deal will go through. I may be moving sooner than planned, or not. It has been such a complicated negotiation that I am ready to walk away from it if things don't resolve this week.

Isaac came for a whirlwind visit over the weekend, we had some business to discuss and we did a little visiting as well. He left early this morning to meet the rest of his family in PEI and head back to Toronto.

I got myself a little iPhone just in time for Isaac to hep me set it up. My cellphone bill immediately jumps from $11 to $60 a month, but it has so many features that I like and can use while travelling, that I am finally taking the big leap.

My truck has developed a leak that I patched with duck tape. I know it is sold as 'duct tape', but originally it was Duck Tape, so I am sticking to the original, and in this case I think that name is entirely appropriate. I was waiting for a good heavy rainfall to test my patch but all I got was occasional showers. So far the duck tape seems to be working, so I am going to stop waiting for the heavy rain and just get the truck packed and ready to go early next week. The plan is to be back in Toronto next week, then head west for a visit with west coast friends and family (and the soon to be newest member of the family!).

Depending on how the house negotiations go, I will spend the winter either in Nova Scotia or Ontario. Or who knows, maybe even BC.


20th Century Woman said...

Too bad there isn't a duck tape fix for stalled real estate deals. It can do almost, but not quite, everything.

Good luck, hope the deal goes through.

Barbara Anne said...

Good gosh! That seller had better get his head on straight or the house could well be on the market for another 10 years! Perhaps your agent could let his agent know you're leaving next week and all bets will be off at that time? That might mean you get a final answer and all is resolved this week.

Is it less expensive to have the truck repairs in NS or in Toronto? Methinks a better-than-duct tape repair is needed before you head on your trans-Canadian excursion.

Now please fill us in: is a west coast family member marrying or is a new baby coming or ...?

Hope all works out for the best for you!