Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sex, lies and home sales

It's done and I am heading out in a few days. I am exhausted and emotionally drained so it will be good to be on the road for a couple of days to just numb out.

The purchase of the house is more or less completed, they have removed it from the Multiple Listing Service. I guess they'd put up a Sold sign if they could, but the For Sale sign came down a long time ago so I don't know that they will go and erect a Sold sign now. I wouldn't, if I were them.

The financing is complicated (of course), so I won't breathe a sigh of relief until after that's done too.

This morning the garage has my truck for a final check before the long drive, I still have home insurance to take care of. And tonight the Gaspereau Summer Film Festival at the Gaspereau Walk-in Theatre (aka Lin's driveway) is showing Tulku, a documentary about Gesar Mukpo, one of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's sons. It's a fair-weather-only and bring-your-own-everything (beverage, snack, chair, bug dope) kind of thing.

Last week we watched Animals, a documentary by a local guy about his effort to raise and kill his own meat. I don't know the guy personally but he has a farm in a town I pass through to get to the Harbour. So you see the slaughter of various farm critters from this guy's perspective. He felt that if he was going to eat meat then he should have the courage to kill the animals concerned. The results vary.

There was also a short about a girl who works on a phone sex line. Her Dad calls. It's kind of funny in a black sort of way, but unfortunately a couple of the audience members were not up for the somewhat explicit humour and had to leave before the main film. I wonder if they'll be back this week.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

I'm glad to hear things are on track for you to have the house but I hear you on waiting to celebrate until after the financing is settled. I hope that can happen quickly so you can relax.

Cheers that your truck is being readied for the trip. Your mechanic won't use duct tape on that leak will he?!

Please let us hear that you've safely arrived in Toronto. Won't the boys and Dobby be elated to see you again?