Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sunny day

It's a lovely warm sunny day, after a somewhat muggy and rainy day yesterday. I am hearing about heatwaves in the eastern USA and heavy rain and flooding in the west, but here in Nova Scotia we are having the perfect summer. June had enough rain to satisfy the farmers and gardeners, and enough sun to satisfy the rest of us. And probably the farmers and gardeners too. Last year was terribly buggy here, this year they are making themselves scarce, the bugs that is. The North Mountain is living up to its long time reputation of being almost completely free of them. I saw maybe a couple of black fly last month, and this month a couple of sluggish mosquitoes. Today it is 30C in the Valley and about 25C here on the Mountain, a perfect warm sunny day in the woods.

I hear several different kinds of birdsong and the occasional scolding squirrel, and the chuggling of the brook in the vault below. The stillness broken by occasional bird and squirrel sounds feels as if time has stopped dead in its tracks. Nothing happening, not a damn thing.

A baby chickadee showed up at my birdfeeder yesterday. I had bought some birdseed for the nesting junco, but after she abandoned the nest I put it all in the feeder and strung it up in a tree. The baby chickadee was clearly a novice at this birdfeeder thing, he kept pecking at the seeds he could see through the clear plastic seed bin of the feeder. Could not figure out how to get at those seeds. And he was sufficiently naive that he didn't startle when I came out to get a better look at him. He was obviously a baby, you could still see the down sticking out between the adult feathers. Today he came back, but he seems to be a little more educated now, he flew away when I came too close. And he didn't peck at the clear plastic but rather picked up a seed from the tray and chewed on that.

I will soon be leaving here, won't be staying the whole summer this time. The house hunting is getting down to the wire, I am still looking and there are a couple of options but nothing firm. In a few more days I am going to have to give it up as a lost cause. It is quite discouraging and frustrating. It keeps me too busy to stop and enjoy being in the woods, and not having a phone or internet access is a real impediment. I knew I wouldn't be here long enough to justify having it put in and so far it has only made things more difficult.

Seeing as how this is shaping up to be a perfect summer weather-wise, it really seems a shame to have to cut things short and fill up that short time with real estate business. That's the frustrating part, it seems right now that it is all for nothing. I guess I'd be OK with giving up a summer if I knew it was for a good cause, but at the moment that is not how things are working out.

I was kvetching about it all on the morning dogwalk, Valerie was trying to make helpful suggestions and I really didn't want to hear it. At one point I think she was trying to tell me that I shouldn't be so focussed on future finances, I should just let the future take care of itself and buy something I like regardless of the cost. Which really makes no sense to me. I admit to being fairly cautious about how I spend my money, but I think that has stood me in good stead over the years, I am not inclined to throw caution to the wind now. She thinks I am being extreme about it. I don't think she realizes that I am operating on a much slimmer budget than she is, and there really is no fat to trim.

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Barbara Anne said...

I hope that before it's time for you to depart, something that satisfies your sense of accomplishment turns up for you to do or to participate in or whatever. You have seemed to be a task-oriented person to a degree who likes that "finished" delight. Of course I'm remembering the kayak and the outhouse. Does your temporary abode need a wind chime or a better bird feeder? Might you carve the end of a walking stick to leave in the house?

Perhaps if you think of doing something to make or to do that leaves some tangible improvement, you'll feel better about the summer? Maybe then the real estate conundrum won't be so large and annoying to you.

Wishing you satisfaction.