Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eva Mackenzie

My granddaughter, born 8.00pm Monday August 30, to proud parents Josh and Kim. Right on schedule too!

She is the main excuse for this trip west.


Barbara Anne said...

Congratulations to the happy family on Eva's safe arrival just yesterday!! She's a beauty!

Today is the only day in her life when she couldn't say, "I wasn't just born yesterday, you know." Ha!

I'm so happy you were there to greet your first granddaughter!!!!!!!! No doubt that in coming years, you'll inspire her and nurture her spirit of adventure.

I see you've already changed the note that you're grandmother of THREE!

Happy dancing!

Rain Trueax said...

Congratulations. That is an excellent reason for the trip.

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm so delighted for you Annie, a precious Eva in your life.
Go spoil. Now!

20th Century Woman said...

Such a pretty baby, such a pretty name. Congratulations to all.

I am so looking forward to more pictures of your new and former home as you get settled.