Friday, August 6, 2010

Pit stop

I'm in Toronto now, briefly, before setting out again for BC, probably sometime next week. The first day on the road was pleasant enough but the second day was very hot. I arrived in Toronto hot, sweaty and cranky.

I spent yesterday unpacking and cleaning up. While I was away my apartment was painted and there was some mess leftover from that. Not so much paint mess as furniture and belongings moved and packed up to make room for the painter. I selected the colours long distance and via online colour chips which I don't recommend. The real life colours are not exactly what I had in mind, but not my problem.

I bought one of those IGA barbecued chickens to eat while on the road, and I have to say I am royally sick of barbecued chicken now. Basically I ate lettuce and chicken for two days. The lettuce was OK, I'm not sick of that, but it'll be awhile before I buy another barbecued chicken. Not sure what I'll eat on the trip to BC but it won't be barbecued chicken.

It was nice to get back to the dogpark and renew acquaintance with the dogs and their owners. Taiga looks different, he has crossed the invisible line from teenager to adult. The difference is subtle, he's the same size and shape and colour, but his face just looks older. He's a husky-malemute cross and his face looks more wolf-like now.

But all the other dogs are pretty much the same. Valentine had her DNA tested and turns out to be a mix of 4 dog breeds, none of which look at all like her. 95% husky and pomeranian, 5% shih tsu and greyhound. The husky part explains her constant wandering off, but no one would ever guess pomeranian or shih tsu! She's easily as big as Billy the german shepherd. I'd have guessed some kind of collie-shepherd mix, with something very white thrown in. Maybe that's the shih tsu in her.

Now that I am unpacked and tidied up, today is a day for errands. Pick up library books, put stuff in the mail, do a bit of shopping. Overnight the temperature and humidity here dropped dramatically so it's a good day to get outdoors. By Sunday it will be hot and humid again.

My Canning mechanic fixed one of the rain leaks in my truck and partially fixed another. So now the box stays dry and the cab doesn't get quite as wet in the rain. I finally got a good downpour to test it while driving in Quebec the other day. I am happy with the improvement.

My kayak is going to live on the truck roof for the foreseeable future, until I get back to Wolfville it has no other home. Hopefully the urethane I put on it last summer will protect it from the extended UV exposure. I am still debating whether to drive through the USA or Canada, there are pros and cons both ways. In the east I prefer Canada, in the west I like the USA.

Isaac is proposing that he rent a truck and take a load of my belongings to Wolfville for me on the Labour Day weekend, then he gets to see the changes to our old house. I haven't decided yet whether to go along with that. From experience I don't like having other people do my packing for me, but it would be nice to have the bulk of my stuff moved down while I am away. There won't be time for me to pack up before I leave for BC. Ideally I'd like to go with, but Isaac is not free later in the fall, and I am not free earlier. There are some other considerations as well, so I guess I have to think about it for awhile.


Barbara Anne said...

Welcome back to one of your homes!

I am glad to hear that your truck is working well and stand amazed that you're headed west so soon. Have kayak, will travel! You go, girl!

To tell the truth, I used to wish someone would move everything from one home to another for me. Yes, they would be required to clearly and accurately label each box as to the contents, but to walk into the new home with almost everything in place is a dream come true for me. When we moved in 1992, our truck broke down and the moving truck arrived days before we did. I faxed a floor plan to the real estate agent showing where I wanted the big pieces of furniture. It worked! Only hiccup was that my box labelled "1st night bed linens" wasn't found for a month! It was a the bottom of a stack of boxes in the garage.

How are the grandboys? Dobby?

Hang in there!


Wisewebwoman said...

Finally caught up with you Annie, good lord woman, you have been busy behind my back!!
Delighted about Ye Olde House and getting out of the Big Smoke permanently. More pics of the house please when you get back, it sounds like all the work is a huge bonus.
One of these days we will be in sync somewhere and do a long lunch.

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, if I go with my son's idea he'll just leave a big load of stuff in the middle of the house for me to sort out, not exactly an instant move. I once had someone else pack up for me and it was a disaster that I don't care to repeat.

Annie said...

Hi WWW, there will be pics once I know the house is truly mine, not till September. I went thru all the photos I took of it and they are incredibly boring: close-ups of concrete walls, rear ends of wood stoves, furnace and oil tank labels.

Barbara Anne said...

Hi again, Okay, in my fantasy move, the furniture and all items were exactly where I would have put them myself, so magically I could find every big and little thing perfectly placed! In a fantasy, there is no need for anything less than your dream come true and reality or practicality are unwelcome!!

Your son's idea is far afield from my fantasy!

Hope you're having fun!