Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pine beetle damage

(Sorry, couldn't resist one more pic of the dogs)

The land that Sam lives on is owned by his boss, and has many large pines on it. Over the last couple of years he has tried to save his pines from the Pine Beetle that has been ravaging the interior of BC. I wrote about some of the methods he is using on my visit here last year.

Unfortunately it does not look like he is having much success, many pines near Sam's cabin are showing the telltale red needles of pine beetle damage. By next year most of these trees will be dead.

One of the methods he uses is to tack packets of beetle pheromones on the trunks of pine trees he wants to save; these packets are supposed to tell beetles that this tree is already full of beetles, move on.

It is not working for this tree, healthy green needles are falling off the trees and dying red needles are remaining on the branches.

It is sad to see these trees go, they really make the beauty of this property. This is an effect of climate change; winters here are no longer cold enough to kill off overwintering beetles. This is also the tail end of the infestation in this province, most of the interior of the province has already been ravaged and the beetles have moved on to Alberta in the east and places like D'arcy in the west.


Wisewebwoman said...

I am reminded of the Dutch Elm disease which ravaged so many trees, their ghosts still haunting some vistas.
Good on Sam for trying though.
Where are you staying these days, Annie?

Barbara Anne said...

How very sad. I remember hearing of the loss of most of the American Chestnut trees in the late 19th and early 20th century.

I also applaud efforts to save the trees. Good for Sam.


Annie said...

I just want to make a small correction---I used too many pronouns!---it is Sam's boss not Sam that is trying to save these trees. He kinda has a vested interest in them, it being his property and all.

Yes the American Chestnut and the Elm (in Canada anyway) are trees of the past, sadly missed.

WWW, I am staying here and there with friends and family on the west coast. Today just outside of Victoria, tomorrow probably in North Vancouver...