Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sun., Nov. 21: Arrived in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, yesterday shortly after noon, an hour before the snow. Spent one warm night at a friend's place in Ottawa and one very cold night at an Irving Big Stop just south of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Cold enough to get me out of bed and back on the road long before dawn.

The snow was beautiful in Wolfville, especially knowing I didn't have to drive in it. Huge soft flakes filling the air, and very quickly a thin white blanket covering the ground. Last night the downtown was beautiful with Christmas lights and decorations in the snow.

Speaking of snow, I saw snow geese in Quebec. Driving by farmers' fields, one field in particular looked like it had its very own snow storm, the whiteness filling the field and boiling in the air above it. Not snow, but snow geese. Wonderful.

It feels a little strange now, this time I am not visiting but here to stay. Just waiting to get into my home.

Tues., Nov. 16: Still in Toronto, but planning to leave tomorrow. First stop Ottawa, then on to Nova Scotia. Had a pleasant time here visiting with family and my Toronto friends, the Dog Ladies. The truck is almost all packed---I am picking up a few last possessions still remaining in Toronto---and I am almost ready to leave.

Sun., Nov. 7: In Toronto for a week or so, got warm greeting from Dobby and gave Tristan his birthday present.

Thurs., Nov. 4: After 3 days on the road I am in Barrie at my brother's place. Truck did fine, I guess the Winnipeg 'snake oil' was just the ticket!

Mon., Nov. 1: I will most likely leave Winnipeg tomorrow, and if all goes well I should arrive in Barrie very late on Thursday Nov. 4. Expecting lots of weather over the next few days, but right now it is sunny and warm and at least a few of the trees are leafy and green.

Sat., Oct. 30: I am leaving Edmonton, planning to spend Saturday night on the road somewhere in Saskatchewan and arrive at my niece's in Winnipeg on Sunday.

We went for lunch near where Inger works (the Maz), walked on Whyte Ave and checked out some funky stores, and then later went to see "Red" at the cinema. It was fun. In honour of the movie we had vodka shots when we got back to the house, Dale downed his in a single gulp. I sipped.

Wed., Oct. 27: I am posting a little behind, so if you're interested, I am currently in Edmonton, waiting for weather further east to improve...


Wisewebwoman said...

Safe driving my dear. Let me know when you've arrived safe and sound, are you in NS for December? I will be passing thru so mayhap a lunch or? Are you near the TCH?

Barbara Anne said...

Ta for checking in! I hope the weather clears soon so you can arrive home on schedule.

What is the news on your NS new/former home?


Annie said...

WWW: I should be in NS for December, I am 2-3 hrs from TCH, if I'm not busy (don't plan to be but you never know) and weather holds, then maybe I can drive out to connect near Truro.

Barbara Anne: well, no news is good news, so it's good. As for weather, well, I'm sure glad I have friends who don't mind me camping in their basements/spare bedrooms. My first priority on moving into my own place: furnished spare bedroom.

Barbara Anne said...

It's good to hear from you again!

When do you expect to hear about the NS house? Seems they've had months to do whatever there is to do.

This morning was nearly freezing in Virginia, so I imagine you're much closer to winter weather since you're so much further north. Mind the forecast and stay safe!


Barbara Anne said...


It's good to know you're past the no-phone area and are at your brother's home. Cheers the truck did well, too!!!!


Barbara Anne said...

Is Dobby ever BIG!

Happy Birthday to Tristan of the amazing hat!

Hope your truck can be resurrected to last you another decade or two.

Where to next?


20th Century Woman said...

I am just back from Alaska and getting caught up on you and your travels. I am really jealous of your fabulous photos. More soon.

20th Century Woman said...

Annie, you and I are on the road so much, surely some day our paths will cross. Happy traveling.

Annie said...

20CW: thanks for compliment on my photos, but I don't know why you are jealous, I think your photos are pretty good too. And yes, it would be great to cross paths, we'll have to work on that! ;-)

Annie said...

Barbara Anne: I am heading finally to my new/old home, looking forward to arriving. But I think the truck is due to retire. I got a good long run out of it but nothing lasts forever.

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Happy trails to you! Isn't it exciting that this trail leads home again? I suppose the house purchase went through as hoped and the house is yours once more. Hope your faithful truck gets you there without any problems.

It will be good to hear the news of friends in NS as I feel I almost know them. Each and every one must be so happy to hear you'll be there soon. Surely the Bay of Fundy will welcome you and your kayak, too!

Be safe!


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne!

I'm so glad you arrived in Wolfville ahead of the snow and that sight of a field full of snow geese must have been awesome, indeed!

When will you be in your home? Do you already have furniture for the house?

Stay cozy!