Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gambier Island and Deep Cove

I am finding it difficult to keep this blog up to date, I am not inclined to spend an hour or so every couple of days working on it. On Friday I had nothing planned and thought it would be a good day to get caught up on my blog, but it was a sunny warm day and the thought of staying indoors to work on a computer on such a day was off-putting. I went kayaking instead, wore myself out completely, with no energy when I returned to do anything but eat and watch TV.


Since my last blog post I have visited my brother on Vancouver Island, visited Windsong Cohousing with Sam, spent lots of time with Kim and baby Eva, and had meals with several old friends from when I used to live here.

I am planning to spend more time with Eva and then Thanksgiving with family, a brief trip to Sechelt, and then travelling homeward. Right now I am on Gambier Island for the last time this year.

Saturday was a great sunny day, Sunday is "mizzly"---somewhere between misty and drizzly---so we are reading, blogging and marking homework. The dog is sleeping. Johanna and I will leave the island later today and have dinner in Horseshoe Bay, Dave will stay on to continue working on the deck he is building on the cabin.

I went out to Deep Cove on Indian Arm to do a bit of paddling on Friday. It turned out that there was no place in Deep Cove to actually launch from, even though there is a kayak rental place there. So I drove down the road to Cates Park next to the First Nations reserve and launched there. Cates Park is on a point of land separating Burrard Inlet (Vancouver Harbour) from Indian Arm. I paddled up the Arm as far as Deep Cove and then turned around and paddled back.

The first half was calm and windless, with only the wake of passing cruisers to contend with; I guess they were all headed up the Arm to spend a sunny weekend on the water. But about the time I decided to turn around and go back the breeze came up and I was paddling upwind to get back. A bit strenuous. By the time I got back to the small beach in Cates Park near where my truck was parked, I had just enough energy left to get the kayak back on the roofrack and that was it.

But it was lovely to be out on the water.

On the ferry trip to the island Saturday morning I happened to see an old friend on the ferry, so I got to spend the forty minute ferry ride visiting with her. She lives in Sechelt so I may see her again when I am visiting there, we may even go kayaking. I have to say that I have done very little paddling this year and it seems kind of dumb to lug the kayak all the way out here for the very few hours I have spent actually using it.

On Gambier Island we are seeing lots of deer, they are out in force scarfing up everything edible.

Yesterday we walked down to the wharf and saw a school of herring off the wharf. It was a very dense mass of small black fish just below the surface of the water.

On the wharf railings and nearby rocks perched some rather sated-looking seagulls. I guess they were taking a break from fishing.

The school of fish seemed to move almost as a single organism. Periodically the mass would develop an "arm" that would flow under the wharf to the other side and then back again.

At one point it flowed out and around a piling and back to the main body of fish, forming a ring around the piling. When we made noise on the wharf the "arm" would quickly withdraw back to the main school. It was an eerie sight and I wore out my camera battery trying to take pictures of it.

I will describe my visit with my brother and with various friends in subsequent posts.

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Barbara Anne said...

Oh, Anne! I'm so glad you're making the most of time there in the west. You do know how to plan well and to enjoy what each day brings, too!

How lovely to take the kayak out last Friday and I'll hope with you that the remainder of your time there offers more opportunities to be out on the water.

I imagine sweet little Eva has already grown and changed from her newborn photos, so feel free to post more recent pictures of her any time! Of course, your posted photos are wonderful.

Your amazing intrepid spirit is inspiring!