Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eastward bound

This post covers the period of Nov 2 - 4, 2010, the trip from Winnipeg Manitoba to Barrie Ontario.

Driving through north Ontario is kind of a treat. I did not have great weather but still, the scenery was fine. I made it to Thunderbay in the first day with no problem, and spent the night at Kakabeka Falls just outside of town. I was very pleased with the 'snake oil' additive, the engine noise seemed quieter, my gas mileage better, and I did not appear to be burning oil at the former alarming rate. In Thunderbay I stopped at a shop in the same chain as the one in Winnipeg to find out the name of this amazing little oil additive and maybe pick up another bottle of the stuff for the rest of the trip. As it turned out they told me I could get the stuff at any Canadian Tire store. I didn't bother go looking for the local Canadian Tire but just continued on the next leg of the trip with somewhere between Wawa and The Soo as my destination.

I made it to Wawa with no problem and thought I may as well continue on to The Soo as I still had a bit of daylight left. But the weather went downhill after that, heavy rain and poor visibility. Several potential overnight stopping points turned out to be inaccessible so I continued to drive. By the time I got to The Soo I'd had enough, I wanted off the road. Now my cell phone worked again, so I tried calling my Edmonton friend Inger because she had said she had a friend in The Soo that could put me up, but this was her Toastmasters' night and all I could do was leave a message. I decided to continue driving.

Fortunately the weather cleared substantially after I left The Soo and a few kilometers down the road I found a boat launch place on a small lake that I could stop at. It was quiet and pretty, the lapping of the waves on the lakeshore close to the truck was soothing.

On the third day I made it to Barrie where my brother lives. I got to wash the clothes I had not changed in three days and have a nice hot bath for myself. We watched videos while we ate supper, and then I toddled off to a big soft bed for the night.

On numerous occasions through the prairies and northern Ontario I saw a curious little bird, somewhat smaller than a robin and looking a bit like a sparrow but with white patches on its wings. I have since found out that that bird is the Snow Bunting, otherwise known as the "snowbird" of Anne Murray fame. Neat.


Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

I love reading your narratives about your travels. Imagine seeing a snow bird! How cool is that?!

Are you in your house yet?

I'm flat out trying to complete a quilt top for DS1's 31st birthday gift. I started it when he designed the block and chose the black, cream, and crimson fabrics when he was 17. Wouldn't you say it's high time I finished this quilt? Back to it!

Hugs to you, my friend!

20th Century Woman said...

I love road trips. Yours sounds great, but lonely. I get sleepy driving by myself, and in the rain is really difficult. Now that it's the end of November I hope you are safely at home.

Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, I'd love to see the quilt, will you be posting pictures of it anywhere?

20CW, I've lived alone for a long time so travelling alone is no more lonely than anything else, for me. I kind of enjoy driving with the radio or ipod on, listening or singing along or just watching the scenery go by. And I meet all sorts of interesting people along the way. The upside of travelling alone is you get to dictate your own itinerary.