Monday, November 1, 2010

Last trip home

The truck is not in great shape. We are now making ominous engine noises and burning oil, the gas mileage is way down.

There was an unfortunate side effect to the wiper switch fix in Edmonton, the headlights stopped working. I did not find this out until dusk of the first day on the road, somewhere just west of Regina. Needless to say I had to get off the road right quick. I had highbeams but no lowbeams, I took side roads to get to Buffalo Pound Lake Park to camp overnight.

In the morning the inside of the truck was lined with ice, probably a good thing as it would have dripped on me if it hadn't been frozen. All of Saskatchewan was cold and there was lots of snow and ice on the ground. It was cold and windy, and east of Regina I ran into ice fog which lasted pretty much into Manitoba. However by Brandon it was clear and sunny, and snow was a distant memory.

I made it into Winnipeg by dusk on Hallowe'en, and I am staying with my niece Tara and her family. In "The 'Peg" there are still a few green trees, it is autumn not winter here.

First thing this morning I called a shop in the same chain as the one in Edmonton and they got my truck in right away and fixed the headlight problem, charging the cost back to the shop in Edmonton. I asked them about the engine problem, they really couldn't say much about the prognosis, told me to keep the oil up. They put in some additive---couldn't promise it was anything more than snake oil but at this point I am grasping at straws---topped up the oil, and sold me an extra liter for the road.

So I guess I will do some laundry (I've been sleeping in my clothes because it is cold at night), clean up the truck a bit, make sandwiches for the road and hope for the best. Once I leave Winnipeg I will not have cell phone coverage for almost three days, a bit disconcerting to say the least but what can you do. The weather forecast for the next three days is a mixed bag: sun, rain, snow, warm, cold, windy, fine. November weather.

In Edmonton Dale said, You're on an adventure, you'll laugh about all this when it's over. But until then I am just gritting my teeth and trying to think positive thoughts.

I guess this is the last time I do a road trip in this truck.


Barbara Anne said...

Wishing you a good trip without any hassles that would delay you. Perhaps a wizard at home can put the truck to rights bumper to tailgate while you're there for the winter. I hope so. You've had lots of happy miles in the truck and have seen lovely scenery through that windshield.

Have you arranged for someone to come looking for you if you don't arrive home in reasonable time?

Be safe! Hugs, as always. :D

Rain Trueax said...

good luck with it. I hope all goes better for the last leg of your trip. Sounds like a new truck or a full overhaul is in order after that.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh that's a bit of a setback there Annie, 3 days w/o cellphone coverage?
I hope you arranged for checkins the old fashioned way.
Did you sleep in that icy truck? Hot damn, that does not sound good.
You are getting too old for this shite!
Take care of yourself my dear. I may see you one of these days if our paths cross in NS

Barbara Anne said...

Are you there yet??

Sending hugs!