Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In the teeth of a booming gale

They didn't call it a hurricane, or even a gale, but it might just as well have been. I guess because it didn't come up from the Caribbean but across from Lower Canada (aka Quebec), and before that, Upper Canada. Anyway it knocked Kings County on its backside. I haven't been out today so I haven't seen the damage, but apparently a lot of trees came down and power poles were just snapped in half. This morning the list of roads closed was endless, you couldn't go anywhere. And it looked so benign out, no wind or rain and blue sky moving in from the west.

Yesterday was another story though. The wind just howled. Crazy. No rain at first, but when it came it came hard.

Around 8.00pm the power went out, all over the county. This morning they were giving different numbers, anywhere from 62,000 to 79,000 households. That would be the whole county I think.

When the lights went out I was taken by surprise. I had to stop and think, where are the candles? the matches? the flashlight? Nothing has its own place, I am still in the process of moving in and when I put something down I lose it because I can never remember where I last put it down. I knew I had candles and matches and I had seen them recently, but where, I had no idea. I did find them, but it took a bit of stumbling around in the dark.

I had just bought a share of a pig and put it in my new freezer, I wondered if I was going to lose it. As each hour with no power went by it became more and more a possibility.

We were lucky, this storm came with rising temperatures, so there was no risk of freezing. This morning I heard about a seniors residence whose roof blew off in the storm and all the residents were taken to an arena to spend the night. In the morning they said the arena was pretty cold, they would have been warmer staying in their own apartments at the seniors residence, even with the damaged roof.

In the middle of the night I got up to tie down the tarp on my truck, it had gotten loose in the wind. Still no power. The sky was amazing, clouds raced by and every once in a while the moon put in a brief appearance.

In the morning the lawn was littered with roof shingles, but not mine. From somewhere up the street. I dug out my campstove to heat water for tea. I could listen to the radio on my iPhone and my next door neighbour said that NS Power was saying the power would be back for most people by evening. The house had cooled off a few degrees but was still livable, and there was sunlight. I thought I would start putting up blinds and curtains, which I have been procrastinating on. There wasn't really anything else to do, except maybe go for a walk. And I ended up being glad of the coolness, it made working more comfortable. Around 4.00pm the power came back, my radio leaped into life scaring the heck out of me.

Tonight after the power came back I got my wireless router working, I am back online. There are still lots of boxes to unpack---mostly books and odds and ends---but things are starting to look settled in. I still have an endless to-do list, address changes and emails and that sort of thing.

In spite of the tarp my truck is full of water. I don't know where it is getting in, and it makes the floor carpet smell. At this time of year I have little hope of drying it out.

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Barbara Anne said...

Mercy, Anne! What a weather system and mess afterwards. I'm glad to hear from you in spite of it all.

I sympathize with your uncertainly about where to find items. Moving is all about knowing just where something was in the last 3 places you lived, and not having a clue where it is now. Bother! Glad you're nearly settled in!

We've had snow almost all day, followed by sleet to make things a real problem. I will say it's beginning to look like Christmas here!