Sunday, December 19, 2010

The tour, part 1

OK this is the tour. The photos don't really convey the wall colours that well, they're an approximation.

1. We're going to start with the back deck because usually people come in the back door. That's the playset in the backyard. Notice the skim of snow on the deck, but the grass is still green.

2. The back door, in the kitchen. Immediately to the left (the right, in this photo) is the stairway down to the basement. We are not going down there today, it's a mess of emptied boxes, recycling, and stuff I haven't unpacked yet.

See my little stone Buddha at the door?

The great thing about having the stairs to the basement in the kitchen? I can just throw my junk down the stairs! That's why it's such a mess down there. One of these days I'll go down there and clean it up.

One of my friends wants me to put a gate across the stairway, she nearly fell backwards down it because she didn't see it (she's blind). One of these days.

3. The left hand side of the kitchen counter...

4. ...and the right hand side.

5. Looking from the kitchen toward the livingroom. The bench in the foreground was built by my Dad in high school shop class. He carved his name in the bottom and gave it to my Mom who used it as a sewing bench.

6. The front of the living slash dining room, looking out onto the street.

7. The front door and vestibule. The floor there is uninsulated so I keep the inner door closed. It's cold out there!

8.The wooden bird on the bookshelf is a Bufflehead, I carved that when I lived in Ottawa. Couldn't get this picture to upload, but you can see it in the picture above.

9. Big armchair slash rocking chair (that doesn't really rock that well so it's safe to put a mug of coffee on the big wooden arms) and couch on the left facing toward the kitchen. The tartan on the chair seat was woven by a childhood girlfriend, it is the Canada tartan. Her grandmother taught both of us to weave. I crocheted the shawl on the back of the chair in my early 20s.

10. Woodstove and desk on the right. The desk used to belong to my great aunt. I had it as a teenager, then my brother inherited it, then he returned it to me. It has graffiti carved into it from when we were kids and had no respect for such things.

11. Heading back toward the kitchen.

12. The hallway between the livingroom and kitchen, headed toward the bathroom, loomroom (on the left) and bedroom (on the right).

Come back for part 2...

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