Sunday, December 19, 2010

The tour, part 2

OK, we've seen the kitchen and livingroom at the south end of the house, now we are looking at the loom room and my bedroom at the north end of the house.

13. Moving counter clockwise around the loomroom. This room has two windows, facing north and west (toward the street). In this photo, bookcase, bureau, north-facing window and chair.

14. Loom and computer desk...

15. Computer desk, west-facing window and storage shelves. Through the window you can see the front door...

16. Open clothes closet. There's no closet in my bedroom because it isn't really intended to be a bedroom. The loomroom is supposed to be the master bedroom so it has the closet. With no doors. Another one of these days...

17. Across the hall, looking into my bedroom. I built that chest of drawers when I used to live here before. Between the chair and the chest of drawers are two apple boxes I use for shelves. I have nine of them around, used to have ten but one broke. I bought them for fifty cents apiece back when the boxes were being replaced with big bins, carted them from the Valley to Ottawa to Vancouver to Toronto and back. I suppose they're antiques now.

18. Bed and window. You can see the branches of a pine tree and a plum tree through the window. The plum tree doesn't bear fruit because it is too shaded by the house and the pine tree. Not a good location for it, but too late to move it and I am not going to chop down the pine tree. Or the house.

19. Back in the hallway, looking toward the kitchen (on the left), the livingroom (on the right) and my Dad's bench in between. That door on the right is a closet, but when I used to live here it was the door to the stairway to the basement. I keep walking into that closet when I want to go downstairs.

20. Sailboat, turtle shell and snoozle mug on the kitchen window sill. The turtle shell is from Tennessee. It's the shell of a box turtle and the underside part is hinged so it can pull the front part up to completely cover its tucked in head. I'd never seen such a thing before.

21. The snoozle mug is one of a pair, but the other mug is long since broken. They belonged to my parents.

On the back of this mug is a poem:

"Will someone please produce a cloth
To wipe away the cloud of froth

That's settled on the Snoozle's snout --

He simply dotes on foaming stout?"

There was a similar creature with its own poem on the other mug.

22. Sunset on the livingroom wall above the couch. There's no pictures on the walls yet, but isn't this a pretty one?

23. The lamp on the bookcase is an old kerosene lamp converted to an electric lamp. It belonged to my grandmother, and when I was a kid she asked me to paint it for her, so I did. I filled the inside of the kerosene well with black paint and then painted birds, fish and flowers on the outside, I think in oil, but I am not sure. Long time ago.


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