Monday, January 3, 2011

Old Toronto pics

I happened on a website last week, unfortunately I don't have the URL so I am afraid I can't attribute it, but at any rate there were many old photos from the City of Toronto Archives there. A few of them caught my eye:

I love this one!

Iceboats! I'd never heard of nor seen such a thing until I saw this photo and the next one. Amazing!

In 1912, a race between an iceboat and some motorcycles on the frozen Toronto harbour.

The old Rosedale Hotel at Shaftesbury and Yonge, near where I lived as a teenager.

I remember this building. Around the corner were two doors marked "Gents" and "Ladies and Escorts", both opening into the same room. But in days gone by---or so my parents told me---they opened into separate rooms because "Ladies" and "Gents" did not mix in Public Rooms (pubs). This building was torn down and replaced with the Ports of Call restaurant in the mid '60s, it became a favourite site for our family get-togethers in those days, but that too is gone now. [I looked it up, the Ports of Call was built in 1963 and torn down in 1984.]


George Ott said...
Great stuff. Thanks for the lead!

20th Century Woman said...

I just love old photos of bygone days!

Barbara Anne said...

Great photos and stories! What a shame the old buildings are gone.

Iceboats! How very interesting.


Wisewebwoman said...

I am just old enough to recall the actual ladies & escorts doors which prevented us from being harassed by the barbarians on the other side, LOL!
Lovely shots Annie, can you imagine the Harbour Commission Building being that close to the water?

Annie said... looks fascinating!

WWW, I didn't realize that was the Harbour Commission till you pointed it out. has an aerial photo of it on the waterfront, showing the island ferries next to it. There's a lovely novel called Consolation (by Michael Redhill) about the changing waterfront of Toronto.

Barbara Anne, I looked up iceboats and they are still around, now they are made of fibreglass and are a little like sailboards running on ice. They look like fun! I don't think the Toronto Harbour freezes up enough for them now though.

Paul said...

I wax nostalgic too. Good pics !!