Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brave Libyans

Muammar Gaddafi brought in mercenaries to slaughter his own people. Now Libyan consular staff and Libyan ambassadors around the world are resigning, citing genocide and War on the People as their reasons.

The protestors carry on. They are joined in their fight for freedom by members of Gaddafi's government and high ranking Libyan civil servants.

Gaddafi thought that Mubarek's problem was that he was not tough enough on the crazies shouting in the street. He sure showed Mubarek.

We in the West will pay a price at the pump for all this freedom fighting, but it is time.

I read one report in which a Libyan ambassador compared Gaddafi to Hitler. When you think of it, if only Hitler's people had seen what was coming and fought back the way Libyans are doing now, world history would be a whole lot different. I'm not criticizing Germans for not rising up en masse against Hitler, I don't think they could have known how bad it was going to be. But Libyans (and others) have the benefit of history, and they are good students.

I think sometimes that we in the industrialized West think that our way is the only way and developing nations around the world have no choice but to follow in our footsteps, or at least in the prescribed way our governments have set out for them.

But it isn't and they do have a choice and they are choosing now.

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Rain Trueax said...

It is a wave and it's going not just around the Middle East but the world. People see that they do have power if they are willing to take the risk of using it-- and it is a risk. But when one does it, another sees it is possible.