Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disaster, tulips and baby Eva

Rain came and went, so did the water in the basement. All the reading and asking around I've done seems to indicate that there are several expensive ways to keep water out of the basement, but none that are 100% guaranteed.

My neighbour the mason, carpenter, chimney sweep and handyman says, Best strategy is to provide an exit route. My basement has a water exit route. The dehumidifier and towels help.

In spite of sworn attestations otherwise, I am quite sure this has been on ongoing issue dating back well before my purchase and so far there is no sign of damage. And we have had some good drying weather since the weekend so I am officially not worrying about it. I have done what's possible and so far so good.

I have been following developments in Libya, Bahrain and Japan; what 'interesting times' we live in! In a bad way.

I am so thoroughly impressed by the Japanese, they suffer the most awful devastation and soldier on nevertheless. If ever there was a model for how to deal with Worst Case Scenario, they have it. But the toll, OMG the toll.

As for Ghaddafi, I cannot find words to respond to such terrible madness. I've listened to arguments about why a No Fly Zone is unworkable and I accept that they are probably right, but I sure wish it were not so. I wish for once the CIA would successfully target someone for assassination, but what a terrible thing to wish for. I take it back.

I hear Aristide is working on returning to Haiti. If Duvalier can, why not Aristide. I wish him well.

My tulips are emerging. Not really mine, I didn't plant them, but they're there. This is my first spring here and it will be an ongoing surprise to see what has been planted here, what emerges from the ground as spring progresses.

And finally, thanks to a series of Westjet seat sales (BTW, seatsale on now until end of Mar. 17), I am expecting visitors from the west coast in April, May and June. I am thoroughly looking forward to that. My guest room is almost completed, I just need pictures on the wall and a baby gate on the basement stairs.

My 7-month old granddaughter Eva is coming! Yes that's her at the top of this post. She eats solid food, she sits up and she is working hard on crawling. She has an infectious and hearty laugh (thanks Facebook), what more could I ask for.


Anne said...

What an absolute cutie! You are a lucky woman. Water out, baby coming.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh she is a treasure that little one, Annie!
Glad the water has exited stage left and the entrants are forming a lovely lineup stage right!