Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The down side of to-do lists

As noted in my previous post, I started another to-do list last week. It is getting out of hand.

I have only managed to cross off a couple of items on the list, but have added close to a dozen more items to the list. The list is way longer than it was originally, and it is starting to resemble that amorphous black cloud I was talking about. And now I remember this about to-do lists, they get longer not shorter.

Every item I cross off invariably adds a couple more items to the list stemming from that one accomplished task, either that or it triggers a memory of some other item I previously forgot to put on the list. And eventually the list gets so long I have to abandon it.

Yesterday I got a call from a lady who is going to give me a tutorial in setting up my loom for weaving tea towels, we settled on dates and things I needed to do in preparation.

After I got off the phone I thought, This is one more thing for the to-do list.

And then I thought, Oh no! It's too long already!

I did not add it to the list. The beginning of the end.


Rain Trueax said...

Eek, the very thought of a to-do list right now makes me tired before I'd get it all done. So much to do and without a list, I can manage to forget most of it-- until something rears up and bites me as a reminder!

Wisewebwoman said...

Weaving tea towels. Put that as # 1 on your list. Most interesting. Keep us posted.

Barbara Anne said...

I agree with Wisewebwoman. Put those weaving preparations at the top of the list. That is fun and fun is good for you.

Imagine the lovely threads, yarns, and colors you'll soon be weaving with.

Have you ever read "The Life of Tasha Tudor? She was an author who also lived a life of self-sufficiency, looms and all. Hope this book is in your local library as it is in mine.