Thursday, May 31, 2012

Casseroles (pots and pans)

Montreal, May 26 ...

Song translation:

You tell them
You tell them
That it was instinct that
Drove you up to here.

You tell them
You tell them
That your senses were screaming
Deeply driven
By a strange force
Let it be your base camp.
Let it be your base camp.

You tell them
You tell them
That it was intuition that
Drove you up to here
A carelessness
So necessary every now and then
Let it be your base camp.
Let it be your base camp.

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Wisewebwoman said...

It's about so much more than tuition and those of us thinking Canadians know this.
Herr Harper must go.

Anne said...

I just tried to explain these demonstrations to Jerry. Finally, I said, well, it's really about everything that's wrong. It just started about tuition. I try to follow what's happening in Canada, but it's not easy since we get very little news on what's going on next door.

Annie said...

Yes WWW, it is so much more than tuition, although tuition is certainly a good enough reason.

And Anne, good for you. This is global, this is about all of us.

The fellow who first initiated these protests was also trying to defuse the situation, all you heard about up till then was the violence and vandalism (and how Quebec students had it good, were coddled, yada yada). These casseroles opened things up to everyone and they almost completely stopped the talk of violence. Like the Occupy movement, they have changed the conversation. This is about community, this is about all of us, this is about taking things into our own hands, in a good way.

I love the shot of the couple hugging each other, to me they seemed overwhelmed by what a great thing this is. Our governments need to see that we all have had enough, it's not just one issue, it's the whole bloody mess. And the casseroles bring everybody into the fold, this is something we can all be part of. Until our governments see that we really are the 99% majority, nothing is going to change.

Hattie said...

That is great! thank you for the translation! I have my fingers crossed for those demonstrators, but I fear the reaction.
(Coming over from Naomi's blog)