Thursday, July 5, 2012

Followup post

Anne commented on my previous post that a followup post would be nice so here it is.

I am much improved. I had two rounds of IV antibiotics and after the second round the doctor sent me home with a prescription for oral antibiotics, which I will probably finish this weekend. My second visit to Emergency was almost the exact opposite to the first: very quiet, hardly anyone there, everyone getting treated promptly. My neighbour drove me to and from the hospital.

I saw my regular doctor today and she could not see any sign of the infection. Since the hospital had not sent her a report she had to take my word for it that there ever had been one. Of course that doesn't let me off finishing the pills.

Meantime I have bigger things to worry about, a family member in another province is quite ill, and their prognosis is not nearly as positive as mine. Kind of puts things in perspective. If Anne had not commented when she did I might have forgotten about my last post altogether and left well wishers hanging. Sorry about that, and thanks Anne.

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Anne said...

Glad you are mended, but sorry about your relative. Thanks for the follow up.