Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6...

Today is the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre in 1989. You can look it up on Wikipedia if you need the details. A horrible event. I lived in Ottawa at the time, a two hour drive from Montreal and it was as if everything came to a grinding halt, the enormity of the evil and the fact that it was aimed specifically at women, all women. Well, he said only the feminists but apparently his definition of feminist pretty much covered all women. So I mark this day every year.

OK, moving on.

A friend of mine is going through some marital difficulty which is leaving her pretty devastated. She and her partner are in counselling, but as far as I can make out the only thing they've accomplished so far is to delineate the full extent of the disaster. It kind of came out of the blue for my friend, she had thought that they were fine. I try to be supportive but there is really not much I can do other than listen when she calls me, which is not all that frequent really. I am busy these days but try to remember to call her too, not all that frequently either.

Sometimes being single is lonely, but not very often at all. I like being alone and right now my need for affection is quite well filled by my big fluffy and affectionate dog. I like spending time with friends, I like spending time alone, I am grateful for my turmoil-free life. Especially when I watch friends going through it. There are a few things that would be easier or more enjoyable with a partner, but you could say that about anything one lacks in life, and I think that most of us lack something or other and one way or another we live with it. There are plenty of things I would like to change in my life, but then I'd need a whole other lifetime to accomplish it all and sadly, that is just not an option. If only I was immortal...

My friend commented recently that her current situation is good for her weight, her appetite has disappeared and she has to force herself to eat. I remember going through a period like that, I remember that feeling of a permanently clenched stomach and I don't miss it at all. But I did lose a significant amount of weight that I was happy to lose. Hopefully my friend will too, as a small compensation for the rest of the unpleasantness. Not a weight loss plan that I recommend, but it does work for some of us.

I went to the physiotherapist yesterday. I have pain in both arms which I attributed to either tendinitis or tendinosis (look it up) in or around my elbows. The physiotherapist had me run through a bunch of exercises and poses and extensive questioning to figure out exactly what was going on. She found it confusing as apparently what I am experiencing does not fit the definition for either condition. She found that the pulse in my wrist changes when she puts my arm in different positions, indicating that the blood flow may be blocked somewhere along the line when I am in certain positions. And there's a vertebra in my neck that does not move along with the vertebrae on either side of it. So her theory is that that vertebra is somehow pinching both the blood vessels and the nerves to my arms in certain positions and that may be what is causing the pain. But she's not absolutely sure of that, it is just the only explanation she can come up with right now. Sounds good to me though. She asked me to perform certain exercises over the next few days and we'd see how it goes next week. The idea is to get that vertebra moving properly by stimulating weak muscles on either side of it. I believe there is arthritis involved, so I don't know how much improvement is reasonable to expect.

Some of the tests she performed involved me lying on my back while she manipulated the back of my neck. If she had just stopped talking I would have been out like a light, it felt so good. I hope there is more of that prescribed for my recalcitrant vertebra.

On the sidebar of my blog there are some links that I check fairly frequently. One of them a couple of days ago was to an article about bubble wrap as window insulation. That sounded really interesting to me. So today I am off to the store to buy some bubble wrap to try it out. Also I need tape for wrapping packages for mailing, my old roll of tape has become permanently glued to itself and I cannot extract any more from the roll. And conveniently, I have a dinner date with a friend who happens to live near the stationery store. We are going to play a board game and eat dinner together, then I will be off to choir practice. Hapi will be all alone for the afternoon and evening so I must try to take her for a good long walk this morning. Which means I should get a move on now.

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