Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Standing ovation

Last Sunday my church choir performed its annual Christmas Cantata. I joined the choir this fall and for the previous week we were intense practice for this upcoming performance. We have several "Music Scholars", university music students, in addition to some very talented singers. I don't count myself as any of the above, and there were moments when I only mouthed the words for fear of getting the tune wrong.


It was a full church and at the end of our half hour performance we got a standing ovation.

I think it might be unusual for a congregation to give their choir a standing ovation, but they did.

I have never in my life received a standing ovation, and I have to say it was absolutely thrilling. I now understand what talented performers, whether musical or theatrical, must feel and why they find their work fulfilling. I still can't get over it. A standing ovation. All those people standing and clapping for us, for our performance.

One of our musical scholars, a tenor, sang a solo (after the standing ovation) of "O Holy Night" and I can't imagine there was a dry eye or a throat without a lump in it for that. The acoustics of that church are quite amazing and his performance was right up there with any famous tenor you want to name. Powerful. Moving.

I know he hopes to pursue further studies at a top school in the USA and his ultimate life goal is opera. If anyone deserves it he does. And I will be able to say, "I knew him when..."

Oh yes, and today is 12-12-12. As Rain over at Rainy Day Thoughts points out, this is the last time such a dateline will appear in this century.

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Rain Trueax said...

Sounds like a wonderful, emotional musical experience for the choir and the audience. Congratulations.