Friday, December 7, 2012

Too much to do at this time of year

(This faded drawing under a bridge shows the artist's face and what she is looking at. If you stand in front of it and face in the same direction as the artist's face, you can see the view that she painted. But it is faded now and hard to make out in this photo)

At this time of year I try to send out a few Christmas cards in hopes of receiving some back, but so far I can't say with much luck. I went to a friend's place yesterday for dinner and a board game and she had a bunch of cards on display that she had already received (I have none). She showed me an example of a Christmas card she makes herself and sends out. It is gorgeous, she has great talent. I oohed and aahed over it but I doubt that will have any effect. And this is a woman who is a devout atheist, who was hesitant to go to see the movie Life of Pi because she had heard there was too much talk of G** in it. She did go, her review was too much g**--talk but great cinematography, however not worth the extra bucks to see in 3D.

Nevertheless she has totally decorated her small apartment in handmade Christmas ornaments, some she made herself, some made by her daughters. She has a crappy low-paid call centre job that entails shiftwork and no holiday time, so she pretty much assumes no time off at Christmas. she was hoping to save some sick time to take off this year, but she got pneumonia and that was that. Instead one of her daughters celebrated Christmas early with her while she was still sick, and our dinner consisted of leftover turkey soup. It was good and it made her apartment smell very Christmas-y. She showed me the lovely ring her daughters got her for Christmas. She picked it out at a craft fair and told them that was what she wanted, they put together the money and bought it for her. What a clever lady, what nice daughters.

The board game we play I always win and I did again yesterday afternoon. I don't know why. Sometimes I wonder if she lets me win because she says I am a poor loser. Hmph. I thought she was going to win yesterday, but she didn't. It was close though.

After dinner she went to the movie and I went to choir practice.

Choir practice was long and I was tired. I am a second soprano but I sit in front of some very good first sopranos and at times I cannot hear the other second sopranos so I sing along with the first sopranos in my not very good second soprano voice. I try to be quiet so as not to be noticed at those times. We have some extra singers joining us for the Cantata and of course they are all very good. They will sing some solo and duet parts while the rest of us rest. This Cantata was written for a Celtic band including a penny whistle. Our choirmaster was shaking her head over that because the score requires several key changes for the penny whistle and she says what composer in his right mind requires a penny whistle to make key changes?

After practice one of the tenors told me about his heart surgery earlier in the week. He had to go into the city for it and his wife didn't come with him because she was sick. He said it was very painful and despite complaints they gave him no pain relief. Until a male nurse took pity on him in the middle of the night. He said, Don't go to the city for surgery without an advocate, it is terrible! He seems OK now, he came to practice at any rate, but holy cow what a thing. 

I got home very tired and had to make a few phone calls before it got late, the last one to my son in Toronto. About half an hour into that call I had to beg off because I couldn't stay focused any more. I had made my dog come indoors for a bit but allowed her to go out to sleep. She doesn't like coming indoors but I make her just to have her company for an hour or two. When the temperature dips below zero at night she far prefers to be sleeping out, she loves the cold. I prefer sleeping indoors.

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Rain Trueax said...

I like the portrait you painted of your day, your emotions. It did make me feel a tad guilty though as I have quit sending our cards because I dislike doing it given my own spiritual beliefs and how I feel about the distortion Christianity has become of what it was intended to be. I never cared if i got cards but did feel a few might miss one from me. Maybe I will yet. We are on the road to Tucson.... ack ack ack and double ack. I am hating this long drive by now with so much traffic and even cutting our driving days way down, staying in motels with 3 cats is no fun (not easy to find rooms either that accept cats). I could still send them out from Tucson but I sent our more Solstice cards at the last. I used to enjoy decorating for Christmas but at the last more Solstice but with traveling, I won't be.