Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Well I think I need to make it official, after 2 months of no posting I think I might be done here. I am no longer even going to try. If it happens it happens, but I think it won't.

In a few days I am taking off on a 2-month road trip westward (and northward) with Hapi. We will visit friends and family, and Hapi will reunite with her brother? other half? in BC. It will have been two years since Hapi and Hiro last saw each other so I am very curious as to whether they remember each other. I hope so.

I had a dream the other night that when they met it took a minute or so of sniffing before they recognized each other, or rather Hapi recognized Hiro. Hapi went nuts, doing her excited writhing dance under Hiro's nose while he just stood there. I don't know if he was just being reserved or if he didn't recognize her. Anyway, we shall see.

The truck is almost ready for camping, a couple more things to do for the trip. I haven't packed yet. I am still trying to iron out details of when and where I will be stopping to visit, it is tricky trying to coincide with multiple schedules. The longest leg of the trip, around 4500 km, may have to be a rush job of driving non-stop for 6 days. I would have preferred something a little more leisurely. Also I am cutting it close for black fly season in Ontario and presumably northern Alberta and NWT.

I love being on the road, I wish I was already there. But too many things have to be taken care of before leaving, so the target date is May 1, the dropdead date May 3.