Friday, December 16, 2016


This is the sun just after noon today, on a really snow-squally cold day. I'm not going anywhere today, Hapi is sleeping in her doghouse and I am nursing another cold. I am supposed to usher for two shows tonight and tomorrow night but I won't make it, too much coughing and snuffling. I hate being sick, it's right up there with hating Christmas, so I guess this is all very well-timed.

I have all these things I could be doing but being sick just saps the motivation right out of me. Look at that photo of the sun, look at how low in the sky it is! At noon! Everything is at its nadir: the sun, the weather, my health, my mood.

One of my neighbours dropped by yesterday to ask if I was thinking about going to the Community Christmas dinner, and it turns out we're both equivocal about it. I think it got left at, if one of us feels the urge to go we should call the other and we'd go together. If not, then we wouldn't go. Then later in the day a friend phoned to invite me for dinner just before Christmas. That would be nice but will hinge on whether I'm any healthier by then. Based on how long my last bout of illness lasted, I am not optimistic. However I had a fever last time and not this time, so perhaps I'm not as sick and will recover faster.

Last night I wanted something easy and tasty for dinner, I thought I'd have baba ganoush on pita bread with a ginger carrot soup. The soup took a little effort but I thought the pita bread would be easy (and tasty). Turned out the pitas were mouldy so that was a no-go, but I had been thinking about how good it was going to taste for so long that it was really hard to give it up. I tried to think of a substitute for pita bread that did not involve baking or shopping. So I ended up putting dollops of the baba ganoush on corn chips and topping them with cut up lettuce leaves. It sort of worked, but I wish the pitas hadn't gotten mouldy. The carrot soup on the other hand turned out really well.

The carrots for the soup were from my garden several years ago. I left them in the ground and in the spring I dug them up but they didn't look like they would keep very long so I cooked and froze them, some as chopped carrot and some as mashed carrot. The soup was from some of the mashed carrot. There is still more in the freezer so I will probably have some more ginger carrot soup this winter. I also added coconut milk, onion, garlic and thai curry mix, and put a dollop of yogurt on top. Could have put some parsley on top, but this was supposed to be an easy meal and I had run out of energy; the thought of cutting parsley was just too tiring. I cut the lettuce for the pita and baba ganoush substitute instead.

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Rain Trueax said...

I hope you feel better soon. This is a dark time of the year but Solstice is coming soon and then it'll be better... we all hope anyway :)