Friday, January 6, 2017

Another year

I have been thinking about making changes in 2017. I think that my best chance at success is to not be too drastic.

Two things I want to address are sugar and TV. In the evening I watch more TV than I would like, and while I am watching I snack, often on sugary stuff. I never used to have a sweet tooth, but it seems to have grown over the past few years. I think that sitting around watching TV is conducive to mindless snacking. So my goal is to reduce the TV time and the sugar consumption.

So far I have to say that cutting out sugar is at least as hard as, if not harder than, quitting smoking. I tell myself one day at a time, and, I don't have to eliminate it just cut it back. I think that finding something else to do in the evening than watch TV is going to be key. If I am busy I don't snack. I thought I would try not watching TV every other night, but judging by tonight I think that is going to be harder than I imagined.

On another topic, I had a helluva time with the warp on my loom. It got quite tangled and took a long time to untangle. At which point I realized I was missing half a dozen threads. I think I have it fixed but it is still a long way from finished and I won't really know if my fix worked until I get it all on the loom. Slow progress.

I took a break from my writing group (and writing) over the holiday season but went back last night and this morning. Which meant I had to write something. I decided on another Bedtime Story, which worked out pretty well. So far I have three Bedtime Stories, although one is divided into three parts (three nights), so I suppose I have five Bedtime Stories. Sort of. I am aiming for ten. I started rereading The Wheel of Time and was kind of surprised at the similarities between that and my own fantasy story, a little dismaying. You think you have totally made something up out of thin air and it turns out you didn't.


Linda P. said...

I have twice have had the experience of writing something, only to find a nearly identical scene or idea replicated elsewhere. Once it happened when I read previews of a much-beloved writer's next novel just after I'd finished the rough draft of a novel including the same premise. Of course, I couldn't have read that novel beforehand, but also, of course, I then had to consider what to do with my own novel. It is dismaying to have that happen.

Rain Trueax said...

I find with sugar that it goes in spurts where I want it. The more I have it though the more I want it. Go without it for awhile and the desire lessens to not much. Some is helped by how sugar doesn't agree with me these days. My main snacking time though is the mornings, which is weird but it seems after lunch, I have little interest in food. My husband is the opposite and it's mainly evenings for him. Maybe it's a biorhythm thing.

Annie said...

My snacking time is mostly in the evening. Probably healthier to eat less after midday, but that's a bridge too far for me. For now.