Monday, February 13, 2017

Snow, and a little bit of ice time

In the midst of a blizzard right now, completely snowed in. I can see the road (just barely), and I think it is drivable (just barely), but the snow in the driveway is well over a foot deep and it's supposed to keep coming down for another 24 hours or so with high winds the whole time. Hapi is sleeping outside, it's quiet and just the right temperature for her.

I've been skating and skiing this past week, although I think the ice rink is obliterated now. A big snow storm on Friday, one today (Monday), and another one due on Thursday; the ice rink snow shovelers are not going to have an easy time of it. Too bad, fun while it lasted though. The photo above was taken by another woman (Sue) skating at the time, that's me slightly behind a third woman (Sarah).

The skiing is another story. I went out with a friend yesterday and the conditions were perfect but my skis were not. Even with a special coating to slow them down, they are too fast and out of control for me. I even went to the store where I bought them and they tested them and determined that they are the wrong skis for me. I tried several pairs that they had in stock that looked like they might work for me (shorter and wider) but they weren't perfect and the guy (Frank) advised me to come back when their Ski Tech Bill was in to test further. Frank was on his last day before taking 3 months parental leave and was very excited about the prospect of 3 months with his two little ones (premature 3-month-old and a 13-month-old: what a handful!). He and his wife got 2 years parental leave (2 one-years back-to-back); she's taking the lion's share but he gets a few months.

Anyway, while waiting to see the Ski Tech Bill I went out one more time with the old skis and while it was better than the first time when there was not much snow on the ground, it was still pretty out of control. I fell several times again. My friend Patti tried to help me up the second time and it was quite funny. I was already quite tired (we'd been out the night before celebrating our boss's birthday) and it was on a slope and the snow was soft and deep so I was trying to get up from a position where my head was lower than my feet. It would have been easier if I could have gotten the skis off but I had no leverage to release the bindings. Not to mention also being tangled in a low bush.

It certainly didn't help that we were laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of the situation.

The last time I fell was right by the road as we were returning to my car. Patti was skiing down the ditch by the side of the road and I went to follow her but slipped and fell. I did manage to get the skis off this time but the snow in the ditch was over two feet deep and I immediately sank in over my knees. I was almost literally trying to swim out of that ditch onto the shoulder of the road. I had parked at a church across the road and several people came out of the church to watch me.

Great, an audience!

The day before I took Hapi to the Kentville ravine, a popular dog walking spot. It's an old-growth hemlock forest with a brook running through it. Often inaccessible in the winter because the only trail in is on a steep slope and gets pretty icy after a few people and their dogs have used it. But after a fresh snow it's good.

This is looking down from the entrance trail into the ravine.

This gives an idea of the tree size in the ravine, Hapi for scale. Snowshoers had been through an hour or so before me so the trail was packed down enough to walk on without snowshoes.

Sometimes she just stops to listen to the silence.

I just looked out the window again, can't see the road anymore. Complete whiteout. The province is closed until further notice.


Wisewebwoman said...

So glad you're back blogging and so amazed you take such chances with falling. I had one bad fall so it has an impact. I would run/train on the ice in my fifties and never feared it. Now I'm a wuss.

Lovely photos and yes your province us having a deep winter.


Annie said...

Falling on ice is bad, on deep snow not so much. Like falling on thick pillows. But I have fallen on ice a couple of times this winter, once on my back (my backpack prevented any injury) and once on my wrist which hurt like the dickens but did minimal damage. I probably should be more scared of falling, I guess it takes a bad fall to do it. Probably if I had had a bad fall I'd be a wuss too. Both my parents died in their 70s, I feel like I have very little time left and want to make the most of it.

Rain Trueax said...

It's neat you can make the most of the snow. I am happy though that the snow is not here. Our bushes and plants are beginning to bud. I am sooooo ready for spring.