Monday, March 20, 2017

Things I don't know

Don't know why but am feeling paralyzed. I have lots I could be doing but I'm not. Don't feel like going out or socializing, don't feel like doing anything. Except sit in front of the fire and read or scroll through Facebook, looking for interesting links. Feels like an addiction I can't break.

Saw "Paterson" yesterday, a film about a bus driver who writes poetry. His name is Paterson and he lives in Paterson, NJ. Strange movie. Kept waiting for something to happen, and the background music was kind of ominous so I kept expecting something bad to happen. All the way through the bus driver writes poetry in a little notebook he carries around with him. His poetry seemed so ordinary that after the film was over I was thinking, Damn, I could write that stuff! I'm not a poet, I've never thought I could write poetry, ever. Until last night. That's more about how ordinary his poems were than my ability to write poetry, which as far as I know is just as nonexistent as it ever was.

Saturday night I volunteer ushered at a performance of the Vienna Boys Choir. They break the choir up into small touring groups, so we only saw twenty-four (or five, not sure) boys. Their voices are like female soprano voices, but different. Can't say what was different, just was. I'm not musically literate. Mostly Austrian boys but also some from other countries around the world: Japan, Mexico, Germany, USA, and so forth. It was very enjoyable and the house was packed. We ushers were very busy.

After the performance three of us went out for drinks at a local pub (Joe's). One of the women is someone I don't really know that well but at one point I asked her a question, I think I asked her something about her childhood, or where she grew up or something like that, and she began to tell us about her life. She is francophone and has a lovely musical voice, but very quiet and we were in a noisy pub (full of students) so it was hard to hear. Anyway it was an interesting story and it made us all think about Life.

She told me that she was glad I had asked her out for a drink after the show because she liked me and wanted to know me better. I was enthralled with her story. It made me think about my own life in a different way. I think I am still digesting it. There's an art show going on in a nearby town and she has some paintings in it, I would like to go see them.


Rain Trueax said...

It's kind of a weird time. I have to make myself write everyday but don't really want to do it. I hear a lot feeling the same thing. You'd expect the equinox to be an uplifting time. I added some magnesium today as sometimes a mineral imbalance is a factor. I also have one of those lights that is supposed to make up for no or low sunshine and I am trying to remember to turn it on. I heard salt lamps are good but haven't every tried one of those

Annie said...

Rain, good to know. The weather here is unsettled, back and forth between winter and spring, snow and mud. Maybe it's just spring fever, two steps forward one step back. Uplifting one moment then backsliding the next.

Wisewebwoman said...

Nothing like the exploration of a new friendship especially as we age.

Love your photos.


joared said...

What a delightful experience, encountering a new person with the promising possibility of friendship. Ive found those opportunities to encounter new contemporaries fewer and fewer as I've reached my older age. Younger friends are welcome but have had to recognize limitations in keeping up with them.

Annie said...

It is a good feeling to meet new friends. In my town joared, half the people are really young (college town) and half are old (nice place to retire to). Very few in-between.

Bonnie said...

I would love to hear the choir live. I love a recording I have of them.

Enjoyed your photo's too.