Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bread and Musicals

I volunteer as an usher at the Festival Theatre and occasionally at Acadia Convocation Hall. I mostly volunteer for theatre and musical events, in particular the Acadia Performing Arts Series. This past weekend I ushered for the Stage Prophets performance of the musical "Anne and Gilbert", a kind of sequel to the "Anne of Green Gables" musical (which they performed a few years ago). I especially appreciated the two solos performed by a friend of mine as Mirella. It was both comedic and serious, as much of the Stage Prophets' material is. Great show, and some fabulous musical and dance talent.

In other news I baked my last loaf of bread for the season. I've run out of both freezer space and large freezer bags; I take that as a sign that I have done enough. No bread baking over the hot summer months! The sourdough starter is resting in the freezer now, atop all the loaves it produced this year. Good work, starter!

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joared said...

Glad you could enjoy theatre. When I was single I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in all sorts of productions, but marriage and children didn't allow me to indulge my "ham" inclinations.

Bread looks good. Reminds me I got a starter and made bread years ago. I was young -- didn't know the starter could be frozen, so was baking too much (and eating) in order to keep it alive. Then we moved out of state so I didn't try to keep it.