Friday, June 2, 2017

Last tulips

These are the last tulips from my garden. This photo is a few days old and the tulips are still in the bottle on the wood stove, but they are a little the worse for wear now. I took this photo because I like the way they look there.

It's been a stressful week. My youngest son had an unfortunate mix of bad choices and bad luck leaving him in rather a depressing and depressed state. We communicated via Facebook and I guess you never stop being concerned about your child's welfare. If I could have fixed things for him I surely would have. The situation is still unfolding and I still want to know what is happening now and that is the stressful part. As a result I have not paid attention to much else. I went to play bridge in Windsor on Thursday afternoon and had an awful time of it: lousy hands and complete inability to remember what cards had already been played, distracted. Somebody brought rhubarb coffee cake and I ate too many pieces. I blame it all on "the family situation".

The lilacs are in full tilt. I take Hapi for an evening stroll around the block just to breathe in the perfume, it seems strongest in the evening. This is surely my favourite time of year, I love lilacs.

However this seems to be a bad year for ticks. I have removed three from myself and two from Hapi. Hapi's ticks were fully engorged, otherwise I never would have seen them in her thick fur. I took one of them to a local vet who identified it as a deer tick, the kind that carry Lyme disease. They won't test or treat a dog for Lyme for a minimum of 60 days, they say it takes that long for the antibodies to show up in their blood. Unless of course the dog comes down with Lyme disease symptoms, in which case they will test and treat. Those symptoms are lameness, lethargy and lack of appetite, kind of like an old dog with arthritis. Which Hapi is.

I am keeping the two ticks in separate pill bottles: Tiki and Tiki Too. I think Tiki has laid eggs. If the eggs hatch I am probably going to have to get rid of them, don't think I want a pill bottle full of hungry ticks. Tiki is the one identified as a deer tick, but my guess is that Tiki Too is a dog tick. The vet technician said they live forever so I don't even need to feed them. Of course they are full of dog blood anyway. I was joking around with a friend about my pet ticks, she suggested we go shopping together next week and I can bring my pet ticks along for the ride. Easy to do, they live in pill bottles that fit in my pocket.


Rain Trueax said...

We don't have ticks much around here but do in the mountains and especially Eastern Oregon. Worrisome when they carry health problems potentially with them. Hope all is well. The tulips are lovely.

joared said...

Sure hope all works out well with your son and dog doesn't get Lyme. My Colorado cousin contracted Lyme years ago and think it sapped his strength much longer than he had expected -- but when we're older and may have other health issues, too, that can complicate matters. Ticks---oh, what a pain -- recall getting into a batch of microscopic, it seemed, bed of seed ticks when wild blackberry picking where we lived at the time many years ago.

Wisewebwoman said...

Hope your son gets sorted. Our kids are always our kids.
Fingers crossed on poor Hapi.


Annie said...

Well, my son is slowly sorting through his troubles. I have been encouraging him to think of this particular crisis as a setback but not a game stopper. He can do this. I have also been encouraging his siblings to reach out to him with moral support. He needs to know he's not alone.

The good news is that Tiki and Tiki Too are not deer ticks but just the ever-so-common dog ticks. Got a second more reliable opinion and even advice on how to tell the two kinds of ticks apart. Got all her vaccinations up to date (including Lymes vaccine) so she's probably safe.