Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sad story

Goldfinch at the bird feeder
The other day I heard a loud thud as a bird hit one of my living room windows. This happens occasionally as I have a bird feeder hanging in a tree nearby. I looked out the window but did not see any birds on the ground, so I thought maybe it just bounced and flew away.

But later I went outside and found the bird's body on the ground below one of the windows, it was dead. It was a Downy Woodpecker, black and white with a spot of red on the back of its head. They don't come often to the bird feeder but I do see one occasionally. Anyway, I left it where it was and went on to haul more dirt for the holes in the front yard. Later, I noticed that Hapi had been digging in my garden. I try to discourage that but she likes to bury bones and other edibles there. Since she hadn't been fed or given a bone in some time I wondered what she was burying so I poked my finger in the disturbed soil. It was the bird.

Proper thing, I thought, what I should have done.

Now, I wonder about that bird. Did it have a mate? Youngsters to feed? Did its mate wonder what happen to it? Did it mourn the loss? And if there were youngsters was the mate able to care for them alone? Or was she (or he) forced to abandon them for lack of a helpmate? An adult bird being killed at this time of year can have a ripple effect.


Wisewebwoman said...

Deaths of any animals or birds or even fish, really upset me. Disproportionately, I feel. I've never spoken of this before and here I am publicly announcing it. :)

Poor bird, but very special that Hapi filled in as funeral director and grave digger.


Annie said...

WWW, the older I get the more I am bothered by animal deaths. I remember once seeing a salmon lying on a wharf where the young boy who caught it had laid it; several people congratulated the boy on catching the fish but I noticed that it was still trying to breathe and had to walk away feeling sick. I hope the bird in my story never felt a thing and died instantly.

Kim S. said...

Bird strike deaths are a big problem. We took a cue from the Birdwatcher's Digest Featherguard product and after buying several that helped we started to make our own by using heavy monofilament line and some turkey feathers we had on hand. Strung the feathers every 6-8 inches or so and attached a little suction cup on each end. Stick that to the outside of your window and the feather movement deters window crashes. Just a though if it becomes a comon problem. Kim in PA (USA)

Annie said...

Thanks Kim, I'll keep it in mind, the feather idea sounds ingenious. Although I have heard birds hit my window before, this is the first time I've seen a dead bird below the window.