Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Saturday May 30, 1998 - New Westminster

New Westminster, BC - sunny and warm

I intended to leave on Saturday but after cleaning and packing it was 3.30 pm and I had a panic attack — intense loneliness and fear. I drove into the city and dropped off the last of my freezer contents at Sam's and then went back home. I thought I'd feel better leaving first thing in the morning so I postponed my departure to Sunday morning. It's scary setting out on such a big trip all by myself.

I have packed everything I can think of that I might need, and then some. I have all kinds of maps, but only a vague plan of how I am going to do this. My 16-year-old dog Yohan is coming with, he travels well and he's far too old to be leaving behind in a kennel. I have this romantic idea of taking him to see his birthplace before he dies. The one thing I did have to plan in advance is the ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert, at this time of year it is obligatory to book one's place on the boat. I chose June 4th, which gives me only five days on Vancouver Island. And since I am postponing my departure by one day, it is now only four days.

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