Friday, June 29, 2018

Monday June 29, 1998 - Fort McPherson

On the Arctic Red River ferry
I guess we all decided to leave today. Liz and Clem and I went into one of the Inuvik hotels for a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and coffee. We exchanged addresses and said good bye. I did some more email at the Inuvik Research Centre which was very busy today, shopped around for souvenirs and checked at the Visitor Centre for highway news. The highway officially opens at noon tomorrow, so at 2.30 pm I set out for Fort McPherson.

There was a Gwich'in guy at the Arctic Red River ferry looking for radiator stop leak, which kind of scared me. I hope he found some. Somebody told me though that you could use black pepper instead of stop leak, so I thought that might not be so bad.

There is supposed to be a fee for the Nitainlii campground but I have not seen anyone yet. A few trucks drove through but did not stay. The frappe-a-bord are dying down and now there are a few mosquitoes but not many. It's a good campsite.

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