Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sunday June 28, 1998 - Inuvik

Chuk camp
Chuk Camp - windy, warm and sunny

I decided not to go anywhere today, did some mending instead. Margaret suggested that we have a potluck supper in the camp so we walked around to all the campsites inviting everyone. I met the American couple from Texas and a Canadian couple from New Mexico.  The Texans were famous in Chuk camp because they had the biggest RV rig and Liz and Clem were inside it once and reported that they even had a jacuzzi bathtub. They hardly ever emerged because of the bugs. We had fewer bugs than the Happy Valley camp but that doesn't mean we didn't have any. The worst were the bulldog horseflies, or frappe-a-bord as Clem called them. Very large and very aggressive; they make ordinary horseflies in the south seem like harmless house flies in comparison.

I enjoyed spending time with a couple from Austria just down the hill from my campsite, Gert and Helga Pader. They were outrageously funny. Very dry wit and a constant stream of funny remarks. Not very good English, but what they knew they used well. Gert is a software engineer. Like many Europeans they get long vacation times every year and they are using theirs to explore North America. They fly to some major city on the continent, buy an old car and then travel for several weeks before selling the car and flying home. this year they are doing the North. 

They were anxious to get out of here to sell their car and fly home, so when the girl in the camp office reported today that the Peel River ferry was now open they were packed and gone within fifteen minutes. I inherited all their kindling, a dozen eggs and 2 litres of milk. Another couple from Whitehorse and fellow who was travelling with his Dad also packed up and left. The father-son duo had a tiny pickup truck like mine and they never came out of it because of the frappe-a-bord. I don't know how they could stand being cooped up in their little truck all day every day.
In spite of all the departures the potluck was a success. The Texans did not come but everyone else who had not left for the ferry did come. Margaret made deer meat stew, Liz did the fish, bannock and spotted dick pudding, Jack and Jackie (the New Mexico Canadians) made cookies and so did the young couple with two dogs. They also brought scalloped potatoes and onions done in foil. I'll have to try that.

Vern, the camp operator, has been giving me a deal on the camp fee but tonight the girl is collecting so I am paying full fee for the first time. Vern gave me Saturday for free and charged $10 for the other nights. $12 is the regular fee.

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