Monday, June 18, 2018

Thursday June 18, 1998 - Yukon

Squanga Lake - sunny and hot

In the morning Ray and Laurena left the campground before me and I did not meet them again on the road. I did see them stopped at a rest area just before the Stewart-Cassiar joined the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territory, but I did not stop there myself. I wished I had, I was missing their company. I was planning to head as far north as Dawson City which meant travelling through Whitehorse, but I went the other way on the Alaska Highway to see the Watson Lake Signpost Forest. I got gas and tried to use a car wash but I didn't really understand how it worked so I only got a partial carwash. Then I turned back and headed toward Whitehorse.

The Alaska Highway is paved so that was a treat to finally get off the dust and mud of the Stewart-Cassiar. It is paved, straight, flat, and goes on forever through boreal forest with mountains in the distance. Kind of boring actually. There are tons of motor homes, campers and whatnot on the road, with licence plates from all over, mostly the US. The camps are full of them, and generally they are not terribly sociable. There was an Austrian couple that I met at Kinaskan Lake and Boya Lake, and I met them again at Rancheria Falls on the Alaska Highway.

I was going to stop at the Teslin Lake campground, but it was empty and I wasn't really ready to stop. Squanga Lake was the next campground, I stopped there. It was just 10 sites close to the highway, not much to speak of but it was time to stop. In the campsite next to me was a young Japanese cyclist who is taking a year and a half to cycle from Anchorage Alaska to the southern tip of South America! He has a tiny guitar that looks almost like a dulcimer but sounds like a soft guitar.  He didn't speak much English though. There are fish in the lake so I might practice casting tomorrow.

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