Friday, June 15, 2018


The other day I went out my front door (I usually go out the back door) and there was a note under a brick on the porch that apparently had been there for a couple of days. It was from a man who way back when had been a Big Brother to my eldest son when he was just a kid; the fellow was in town and had talked to someone who knew me and knew that I was still in my old house (or rather, had moved back into my old house), and he thought it would be interesting to make contact.

I phoned him. What he was really hoping for was to make contact with my son but that was not possible, so he settled for tea with me instead. He came by yesterday morning and we had quite a lovely time catching up on 33 years. He was a young man then, maybe in his 20s, and now he was in his 50s and thinking about retiring. He had been all over the place—England, California, Vietnam—to name a few of the places he talked about, and lived a very interesting life.

He was trying to cram in a lot of visiting in a very short time so he had to leave for a lunch date, but he gave me a couple of daylilies as a parting gift. I will have to find a couple of spots for them in my backyard, they are different varieties from what I have already. I look forward to seeing them bloom.

It was such an interesting conversation, I hope we are able to stay in touch.

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